I managed to grab a collectors edition of the upcoming Street Fighter IV which is being released Friday 20th February on Tuesday care of JB Hi-Fi who were amongst a few (many!!) stores to break the street date.

Due to my epic birthday weekend combined with the glorious Saturday night weather, I managed to catch a summer cold and sore throat, nicely resulting in a Wednesday sick day…. Now I was anticipating to play on Tuesday night after the St Pauls AGM, however I made the wise decision to sleep instead….

Yesterday I spent a good 4 hours scattered throughout the day playing. It is a fun game, reminiscent of the old. I was using the standard PS3 gamepad, but I do need to look at and arcade stick as the pad, although sufficient to play with, doesn’t feel like Street Fighter, and has adverse effects on the thumb.

I played through the arcade mode with a couple of characters, unlocking color variations in costumes, characters and titles. I’ve also played a bit of the challenges, which are an interesting addition to the game. There’s 20 per challenge in a range of difficult and style of play, each with a bronze, silver and gold award at the end. The inclusion of these and an online ranking mode make for great replayability.