Another low scoring affair this week as The Mighty Kites went head to head against Xtreme.

Nima took the tip, winning by only a little, yet we weren’t able to pocket the ball. In fact there was no score for the first few minutes of the game; the foul count was higher than the combined total score for the first quarter as both teams defended well, applying necessary pressure. There was also a lack of patience in waiting for a good shot, although this improved significantly in the second half of the game for us.

We mixed up our plays well in the second half with fast breaks and slower patient passing plays, generally dictated by their defense. One highlight was Nima faking one guy on the drive with a crossover, drawing him so well that he lost his balance and footing that he just tumbled over.

Next week we’re up against Midnight Gamblers in a late night 10pm game. I’m hoping to make my return to the court, depending on my knee.