Last night after basketball I went to see the Watchmen movie, a long, visually beautiful tale of a unique time and place.

I went with some of the guys from the team: Nima, Ethan, Gareth & Geoff, and then JJ turned up as well. I didn’t really have any expectations of the movie, perhaps thinking that it’d be another superhero movie, I was wrong…

When I first heard that they were making such a movie, I decided that reading the comic was a good idea, however I didn’t have enough dedication to doing so and fell off after a couple of issues, so only the first half hour or so of the film seemed familiar. Upon further investigation it appears that the film stayed true to the original comics.

The movie is quite overwhelming; there are plenty of visuals to take in, including significant symbols that hint at significant events occuring/points being made, and some heavy dialogue and themes mixed in. The characters are complex and intriguing, each one having their own facets to be explored and different agendas, they definitely show a different portrayal of the superhero.

I enjoyed the movie overall, despite losing the plot at times, it’s definitely something to be watched again to clarify information.