In the second last round we went up against Bruins. We almost had a full complement this week; I was able to make it back on court, albeit not 100%, but Nima was out due to the Iranian New Year.

As we jumped off, Gareth took the centre, winning and tapping out to John who ran the ball down only to miss the layup in mild traffic. Bruins recovered the the ball to take it up to their offensive end, only to lose it to miscommunication, giving us the opportunity for a fast break to open up the scoring. The game kept up a to and fro for the first quarter with some good steals and clumsy turnovers on both teams, but after that Bruins started to kick into higher gear, sinking plenty of three point shots and opening up the key for easier baskets, culminating in a ~10 point lead at half time.

The second half seemed abysmal with shots not dropping despite our best efforts and a lack of patience for a good shot. Selfish plays seemed to dominate our second half. Bruins were able to extend their lead to a final score of 32 v 54.

Ethan is developing well as a player, although he still lacks the confidence in offence, and Gareth continued to powerhouse through everything. I felt a bit useless, playing at half-strength, and not getting the ball to take up a lot of the time was on court. I do need to step up to that and start making some plays and calling the shots.

Next week is the final official round of summer comp. We take on And Far Away at 7:15.