The final round of the summer competition this week and we were up against And Far Away. We were down James and Nima.

Geoff lined up for the jump, tipping down to John to run the ball up, missing his layup, but Geoff stepped in to pick up the scraps and pocketing the two points. In our defensive end, we were pretty average. We managed to keep them out for the most part on the zone, forcing a number of outside shots, but hardly covering those shots so quite a few of them went in. When they did manage to get a player through with the ball, our zone tended to fall apart or cave in if you will…
As the first half continued, they seemed to have plenty of fouls called on them, the total getting up to 11 or 12, with free throws kicking in from 8. This hindered our game quite alot as the physical & mental frustration of being fouled affected our free throw shooting, sinking only about 15% across the whole game, and our ‘retaliation’ against such fouls by trying the same or similar fouls, and of course being picked up on them… Towards the end of the first half Garth pushed himself too hard on the dribble against one guy down the right hand side, straining his hamstring and putting himself out of the game.

The second half played out much the same as the tail end of the first with defense resulting in unnecessary fouls being given away, but less fouls being called at our offensive end, giving us the opportunity to score, but our repetition in plays resulted in And Far Away getting the ball and running away with the win 27 vs 20.

I managed to throw out my knee in practice before the game and played injured. It’s still my meniscus and is very annoying as it is hard to tell how long before it’ll recover, could be a week or 2, could be a month or more…

Next week is semi-finals. We’ll be playing at either 9:30 or 10:15 since we finished in the bottom half of the ladder. Come on down for the final game of The Mighty Kites as we now know them, as there will be a new look team next season.