I’m feeling kind of upset at the moment after a long and tiring KYCK weekend up at Katoomba with SALT.

My role at KYCK was two-fold: part of the site-host team for Katoomba High School and SALT-o-grapher.

Having taken approximately 300 photos. I managed to rush together a slideshow of some for church this evening… As about half of the service watched the show during supper, we reached the end and my desktop wallpaper showed up, then randomly rotated, as it has been set to do, to a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt to everyone’s surprise and my embarrassment and surprise…

Now this isn’t something I’m proud of… and something that I need to work on. So it was a timely rebuke, and the mis-fortune was that it was a very public one… My feeling of upset-ness is that there wasn’t much of a personal reaction to it from my Christian brothers or sisters…. They were all very much surprised and made comments when it popped up, but I felt so much like a black sheep when almost no one said anything to me after it had happened… Please pray that I will give this up to the Lord and that He will help me to overcome this and other related areas of my life….