Every few months we have a work social function It’s a chance to get to know colleagues outside of work and for us, experience something that we may not normally do, or at least want to fork out the cash to do. Previous trips have included a Harbour Jet Boat ride and the Minus 5 Ice Bar. Tonight it was over the the Grand Hotel for a quick lesson on Texas Hold’em poker, dinner and then a Millions tournament.

We stared with three tables sitting 9 or 8 each, totaling 27 players. As the night progressed, the chips flowed onto the table as the leaders bowed out and the upsets kept rolling through. Significant plays included full houses, a few triples and plenty of straights coming out, even on the river card.

I managed to hold on through my time on the tables, maintaining my chips from the first table winning on a 3 and 5 in the pocket and hitting a straight after the flop was dealt. After that the number of players had dwindled down to close 1 table, so I jumped from table 3 over to table 1 where the chips were in favor of a couple of players… I swayed to and fro on the chips there, eventually winning a handy stack before loosing half of it to one of my managers Dalys who was a definite force to be reckoned with. I had a pair of aces in the pocket and lost to her 5, 9 which managed to build into a 9-Q straight, the Q came on the river. A bit more patience there got me to the final table.

The final table was a mix of seasoned players and novices… I was definitely a small fish sitting there, waiting for a reasonable hand to play with. Eventually I was down to just over a big blind to play and I came up trumps to win with triple Qs over triple 8s, Q again coming on the river… I managed to stay afloat and let the other players battle it out whilst my pocket hands were pretty shabby and made it to the final three, before taking the 3rd place on a pair of 7s. Final 2 was a short affair between me and Geoff. He was clearly chip leader, and I couldn’t afford to bleed chips, so it was all in on 8,6. Almost hitting the straight, but missing one card whilst he had an ace in his pocket.

Here’s a lovely picture of the trophy up for grabs on the night, would have looked pretty on my desk, but there’s more important victories to be one.
nabproperty Poker Millions Trophy