Today WordPress released their latest version – 2.8 entitled Baker. I’ve gone ahead an installed (with a little difficulty) and hence there’s a lovely new theme based on the Hybrid template, customised for CHONGLAND.

Installation broke my blog for a matter of hours until I was able to get away from work, to MacDonalds across the road with free WiFi!!!, for some debugging. I hastily hit the upgrade button without disabling my active plugins and with the new widget structures and API, not all are compatible… One of my many active widgets left me blogless without a paddle for a while. I managed to ftp into my site and rename the plugins directory, forcing WordPress to disable all plugins, then rename the plugins directory back to the original.

So now that WordPress 2.8 is out, it’s time for me to get back on my theme horse…. I’ve got some good ideas up my sleeve and been reading a heap of inspiring bits and blogs, like Smashing Magazine, that are presenting me with new ideas, tips, tricks and tutorials. I’m excited to get it all rolling and hope you’ll enjoy it when it comes about!!!!