So my avid readers will know that this year I’ve changed salons to Inspiration in Castle Hill. My latest cut with Ashley was about 3 weeks ago now.

I’m not generally one that likes to stand out. I generally won’t go out of my way to do so, the way that works out in practice is a different story, but I do like to with my hair. This, I guess, was inspired by a previous hairdresser of mine Jo back in Canberra. So the pretense of my cuts is that it needs to look good, different and be fairly easy to maintain; I like to leave the stylist some creative freedoms, something I don’t think they are used to being given often….

Ashley had something in mind for me when I rocked up this time, something she’d been pondering for a little while; a modern day comb-over. When she explained it, I was a bit “What?!?! I’ve still got most of my hair….“, but willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. As things got nearer to completion, she kept on asking how I was coping. I think I told her that I felt like I required a pair of thick black rimmed plastic glasses just to pull the look off…. What I came out of the salon with was a very slick, smoothed comb-over from left to right, with a part on the left hand side, yes, a part, an obvious one…..

Over the last few weeks, people seemed to have seen this new style and just given me a 2nd or 3rd glance with a kind of awkward “are you serious??” look. Those now have subsided as my hair has grown and thickened up, so there’s now some so-called meat to my hair and it’s actually looking quite good. I feel more comfortable wearing it combed-over now. Ashley mentioned at the time of the cut that this look she was going for was a 2-3 cut process, and I can kind of see her vision now.

EDIT: Photo as requested, poorly taken on my iPhone….