The Internets are a buzz today with iPhone OS 3.0 going live via iTunes. The software brings a number of features that were lacking in previous versions of the software, and then a little cream on top of that.

So the main features that are particularly useful include:

  • the ability to cut/copy/paste both text and images
  • the spotlight functionality to search the entire phone
  • ability to use the phone in landscape mode for SMS and emails
  • a voice memo application

Some lesser known features include:

  • (carrier specific) Internet tethering, i.e. allowing a computer to connect to the Internet via the phone
  • notes sync, allowing you to sync notes on you phone to programs like Mail and Outlook
  • IMAP search, so you can search your Internet mail account
  • calDAV, which allows you to sync to Internet calendars like google calendar.

There are plenty of people talking of the pros and cons so far, and a few who have thrown up hints, tips and hacks as . I’ll be interested to see how this plays out with Nuevasync which I currently use to sync my google calendars, and also Optus‘ rediculous decision to charge extra for tethering.

Are you on iPhone 3.0 yet?? Any thoughts, improvements, tips, tricks or insights?