Last night I made a return to the courts at Fred Caterson Reserve to play ball with The Mighty Kites against Midnight Gamblers after a few months on hiatus thanks to a tear in my meniscus earlier this year in February, which is mostly healed.

I arrived in eager anticipation with about 20 minutes to tip off to run through the paces of stretching, jogging and general warm up. As game time approached, my team didn’t, and were unfortunately absent until minutes into the first half when they slowly trickled in, forfeiting several points due to the late start and lack of a team to take the court.

Once the game finally got underway things didn’t improve much… The team performed rarely as one, opting more for an individual showcase, focusing more on the individual and less on the showcase…. When we did manage to pass the ball around, they were sloppy or lazy and were thus intercepted, or even passed straight to the opposition, and there was no effort to recover the ball. Of those passes that did make it to the intended player, they were wasted with poor shots or passes…

I went slow and safe to make sure I didn’t do any damage. This put me at a disadvantage, not being able to jump for the ball meant that potential intercepts were centimetres out of my jump reach and I wasn’t able to run as fast or manoeuvre as much as I’d like to have, or am used to…. When I did manage to get a hold of the ball I managed to sink a three pointer.
I am very very very much feeling the results of the exercise today though through my quads, and rest of my legs as well as some in my chest and arms, having sored so much last night….