Today on my weekly catchup with Julie we wandered up to the Japan Foundation Gallery inside Chiefly Place to see an exhibition by Andrea Innocent aka innocentgirl called Facetnate! Love, Thieves and Fear Make Ghosts: old tales and new forms of Japanese ghosts.

The exhibit is a gorgeous collection of about 10 hauntingly beautiful images, with a touch of tongue in cheek. I couldn’t find a pic of my favourite piece, but here’s her piece entitled The girl in the blue dress

Definitely check out the collection if you get the opportunity before the 3rd of July.

We grabbed a bite up there for lunch. Being a new food court with new and fanciful food joints we were interested in everything. I finally settled upon a mini prosciutto pizza which set me back $7 and came with greens from a place called __dish__. It was pretty darn tasty!!! On the menu were also a number of breky pizzas which looked interesting…

Have you enjoyed any new arts and/or food of late??