Upcoming at 7fifteen this week James Warren will be preaching a sermon entitled Technology, Twitter, TiVo and iJesus. It shall be interesting to hear his take on this silicon age that we live in, where everything seems to be about social connection with a strange isolation spin…

We seem to be feeding on so much information from a vast variety of sources, not only is it delivered straight to us in the form of television, radio, email and rss, to name a few, but we can also go searching for it through search engines. People are eager to find out what’s happening in the world. Take the death of Michael Jackson on Friday. There were so many searches on Google that it thought it was being attacked by hackers.

As a Christian, I find it kind of hard to be in amongst it all. I mean it’s great to be able to go and look at different recipes when I want to cook something, or at a tutorial site if I want to learn something that I don’t know, BUT the huge catch is that, more often than not, it distracts me from the thing that really matters: Christ. I’ve found myself jumping on the computer, or flicking on the TV or PS3 instead of opening my Bible and seeing what God has to say.

Do you have any hints, tips or tricks on technology?? If you’re free on Sunday night, drop along about 7:10 to St Paul’s Carlingford at the corner of Vickery Avenue and Moseley Street, Carlingford.