Tonight after work I dropped into the Apple Store for their first ‘meet the filmmaker‘ event featuring the writer/director/actor Serhat Caradee and actors: Rachael Taylor and Les Chantery as they talked about their film; Cedar Boys, from creation to finish and all the juicy bits in between.

The film opens in cinemas tomorrow, for those that haven’t heard of it here’s the synopsis:

A young Lebanese-Australian panel-beater, struggling to realise his dreams, is offered a chance to set himself up for life. All he has to do is follow a plan to outsmart the cops and a gang of serious criminals. He wants the prize….but is he ready to pay the price?

Cedar Boys is an authentic, compelling and adrenaline charged ride into the lives of young men of Middle Eastern decent today in Sydney, Australia.
It’s the real world – a side we haven’t seen.

It was really interesting to hear these three speak about the film and all the work that has gone into it. I guess we take for granted the actual amount of work that does go into a film. Serhat probably has been working on this for a good 10 years now… Amazing to hear that the film was shot on a RED camera and only over the course of 26 days!!

I also enjoyed seeing the gorgeous Rachael Taylor in the flesh. Having watched her many years ago in Hedland as the off-balance Sasha and then seemingly re-surfacing in Transformers, it was pretty amazing to hear her speak, showing how down to earth, and also how intelligent she is as well. She did seem to struggle with her dress though as it was not the best outfit to be sitting in, but she had some great moments of sarcasm and humor, plus some inside jokes that were funny to her and Les. I got a few photos up on my flickr, and I possibly got a wink out of Rachael, although I’d imagine it was someone else out there in the crowd.

I’m hoping to see Cedar Boys soon, and I’ll post up a review after my viewing. It could be a great way to spend the bank holiday next Monday!!


The footage from the Apple Store has been uploaded to itunes