On Sunday night at church Mike encouraged us to pray for the year 12 students that are at 7fifteen over the next few weeks whilst they do their HSCs. It was kind of like an ‘adopt-a-year-12-student‘ with people raising hands to show their prayerful support. I’ve gotten to know a few year 12s this year and they encourage me very much, I’ve seen them grow in their maturity, both in Christ and in general. I hope that they continue to do so and find strength in God as they head out into the wider world.

Here’s a prayer that I wrote with that can be prayed for whomever, I hope you can use it to pray for year 12s that you know, or modify it for your own uses:

Heavenly Father,
I thank you that you have called ________ to be Your child, and that they know and fear you LORD. Thank you that you have enriched ________ in every manner of yous speech and knowledge.
May they continue to trust You wholeheartedly and put their faith in You, seeking Your wisdom and crying out for understanding.

LORD I pray for ________ during this time of HSCs, that they be diligent and dedicated to their studies. I pray that they are not distracted by the ways of the world.
I pray that they will be calm and collected during their tests, that they would not stress and worry, but find their peace in You.
May they see Your bigger picture for their lives and know that you are in control. LORD I pray that ________ will continue to seek and know You through Your Word and through prayer, especially during this time.

All these things I pray through Your glorious son Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.