This morning there was a little buzz around Australia Square as I arrived in town on my way for my morning coffee. I veered from my normal path to the office to have a look and what should I see but a little tiki looking hut with some bikini’s hanging about and at least a dozen girls sitting around. I didn’t make much of it, just assuming that it was a promo and ventured on my way to the office.

At lunch when I went for a wander, I saw a pack of bikini clad women wandering the streets with advertising materials, capturing the eyes and attentions of most males in the lunchtime rush, and probably the envy of plenty of females too. I eventually made my way back down to Australia Square to the tiki hut which had somewhat evolved since the morning to now be surrounded with bikini girls handing out bags, and parading around with banners to attract people to visit the Gold Coast. There was even a story about it on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

This was a pretty poor and shameful display of flesh, and definitely appeals to the world. It’s a sad state of affairs, and a tough one to deal with as a Christian male. Brothers I urge you to invest in the pure and holy that you may be counted as one of the saints on the Day of Judgement.