I’m on my way home on the train after my first Christmas party of the season, this one being for my section. We knocked off around 5 and slowly made our way over to The Basement in dribs and drabs for pre-dinner drinks…

At about 6:45 we made our way up to Aesops Greek Restaurant for dinner, where we were bundles in with 5 or 6 other Christmas parties and a ladies’ 36th birthday. The food was pretty average and seemingly sparce, but surprisingly filling. We ate bread with Taramosalata and Tzatziki (dips) and Greek Salad, Moussaka, Calamari, Souvlakia, and Roast Lamb. The service was just as bad with drink orders going wrong, and questionable beer labels, either being overdue or not yet bottled yet according to the printed labels.

After dinner there was a bit more inter party interaction with a Zorba complete with plate smashing before the retro tunes came on for a dance. After a little while of sitting and watching, it was time for me to go.

I found it pretty appalling as I was sitting there with the guys whilst they were picking out the attractive girls in the room, how little regard they have for their wives or girlfriends, and how disrespectful they were to these girls in the way they were talking about them. I’m ashamed to say that, in my mind, I had already picked these girls out as physically attractive and ones to watch for the evening… It’s amazing how, as Christians, we can so easily fall in line with the world. I think it’s a fine line between appreciating beauty and lust, and we must tread it very carefully, avoiding it if possible.