I went to see Where the Wild Things Are this afternoon all by my lonesome. I read the picture book as a child, as I’m sure most people have. The movie adaptation was really good and enjoyable, bringing a smile to my face as I relived the story.

The movie really gives you a connection with Max; you feel for him as he runs away, as he screams and shouts, and as he feels for the ‘Wild Things‘. The characters of the ‘Wild Things‘ were pretty interesting, a few of them are strong and well developed, whilst others were very weak and could have potentially been left out. The imagery within the film is absolutely breathtaking, I absolutely loved the scenery that it was placed in, amazing glimpses of the world that we live in, places I wish I was able to get away to.
There’s plenty of humor thrown in amongst the drama and action of the film, and the story is well fleshed out considering the original book being a fairly short picture book.

I felt very much like Max whilst watching this film today, having a pretty crappy weekend, I just wanted to run away to another world, some place where people would recognise me, look to me for things, care for me and share things with me. A place where I could go wild and run about and be free. I don’t know why, but I feel so alone in this world, even when people are about… It’s one thing to continually serve people, but how do we go about being served ourselves?? Surely it should be a two way street…