Belonging came up the other day whilst we were talking about a survey and different questions that we could pose. There were 2 similar questions, one about belonging to a group and the other about being supported by said group. Those around the table were adamant that they were the same question, and thus would have the same answer, but I’m not so sure….

I’ve been thinking about groups a fair bit of late, especially in the sense of being a part of them and how that looks. I think it is feasible that one can belong to a group without being supported by them. It’s not a popular or ideal place to be, but it happens nonetheless. For example, you have a particular role that requires that you be in that group, but those in the group do not particularly like you, or endorse that role, and therefore you’re not supported.

I’ve always found that group dynamics are not an easy thing to understand or get in to, and I really struggle to feel a part of a group. Mind you, picking up and moving cities has meant that it was a great deal harder, especially moving into groups that have long-standing relationships. I’m amazed at how easily people seem to gel with new people and can almost instantly become best friends and/or share intimate secrets with each other.

What are your secrets to belonging??