Women’s fashion is quite an intriguing phenomenon. I am developed a keen eye for it; appreciating the looks that are formulated and the ways that women wear them, especially when the look of a woman has an air of sophistication in her style. I’m sure that this in not something that naturally occurs in men, or at least something they readily admit, nor am I sure how this has developed. I feel almost perverted or dirty in observing and watching women to see what and how they wear their outfits, having been drilled on not lusting after women, and keeping a pure thought life. I often wonder where the line is between appreciating beauty and lusting after a woman is… If anyone has some wisdom, please drop in a comment below.

Post-rant: let’s get back to the program; I’ve recently stumbled upon a site called lookbook which is kind of a blog for people to post photos of what they’re wearing, and for the community to see, hype, comment and enquire. The majority of the participants seem quite indie, but there are some amazingly beautiful and stylistically sophisticated fashionistas on the site. From what I’ve seen so far my favorites would have to be:

I wonder if these kinds of looks are generally European and we’ve just not caught on downunder, or if the Christian circles I’m en are just not that way inclined. And if so, where do I have to go to meet such fashionistas??

Now there are some cool guy fashions floating around the site as well, but they all look extremely expensive (at least those that aren’t awful…), and something I doubt I’d be able to finance in my job.