This week marks the end of a couple of things:

Men’s Leadership Training Group

Over the last 12 or so weeks I’ve been a guinea pig in a group that has been learning how to harness the gift of leadership given to all men. We’ve been discussing 1 Thessalonians and the model of leadership Paul demonstrates in his writing to the church in Thessalonica. This has been an initiative of Ross, a member of graceat6, with the support of Mike, in order to teach and train men to develop a better attitude and equip them to be able to lead in the capacity bestowed on them, whether that be amongst peers, as a husband, as a father, as a growth group leader, church elder or even greater than that.

It has been a great little group and a good time to get our heads into the bible in a more thematic way rather than just exegetical. I’ve learnt a few things and it has spurred me on to think about leadership, pondering how to do it, how many I am able to, and also about discipling some younger guys. If you get the opportunity to do this or a course like it, I highly recommend it.

Moore Theological College New Testament 1B

Second semester of college has finished for me, with the exception of the final exam. New Testament 1B with Con Campbell has been a challenging and enlightening experience, looking into the books of Ephesians and 1 Peter. Studying them in great depth with someone that is really familiar with them is particularly helpful, tho they don’t have all the answers, as we saw when it came to the spirits in prison at the end of 1 Peter 3.

I’m both a bit daunted and looking forward to the exam. I’ve not sat down to do a written exam for close to 5 years, apart from the entrance test I had to do for Moore College. This one will be 2 hours with 4 essays – 2 short, 2 long. The shorter ones being exegetical and the longer more thematic. Although the exam is on the bible, we aren’t allowed to take one in, which means that I need to get both books into my head which should be an interesting task.