Tonight I went along to see The Town at the movies with Geoff.

On our way into the theatre, we were greeted by a lovely blonde lady who asked if we were going to see The Town. She promptly told us that the theatre had suffered a leak and if we were worried about the noise disturbing the movie, then they could accommodate us in a later session, or we could still watch the current session, with a complimentary ticket as compensation. Needless to say, we went for the complimentary ticket option, meaning that we were seeing this movie for free!!

The movie written, directed and starring Ben Affleck also stars Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively. The movie lives up to it’s tag line of “Welcome to the bank robbery capital of America” detailing a series of robberies by a crew of four guys from Charlestown, and the subsequent chase by the F.B.I. The slight twist to the storyline is that in Ben Affleck as Doug MacRay develops a relationship with Rebecca Hall as Claire Keesey, a bank manager whom they take hostage in one of their robberies.

The movie was quite piecemeal, the action scenes remaining as action and the relationship scenes still very separate. This meant that the movie seemed to drag out quite a bit and seem longer than the on and a half hours that it actually was. I found the action scenes enjoyable, and some of the chase scenes especially well choreographed. The relationship scenes seemed less believable for the most part.

When we came out of the movie, the lovely blonde lady who gave us complementary tickets wandered over to ask how the movie was, and whether the leak interrupted the movie, which it didn’t. We only really noticed it once, fairly early on, and then not for the remainder of the film, even in the quiet parts. It was a really welcome little chat and great to see service staff that are dedicated to providing great service. I think it’s something that we in the Christian community can learn from, in whatever ways we serve: in the strength that God provides, in love and in ways which encourage those that we’re serving, making them feel comfortable and valued.