This week I’ve been (unofficially) back at work, even though the office is closed. It’s been a good chance to kind of get some things done, although I’m not 100% sure what needs to be done…

On Thursday afternoon, after work I ducked down to Lidcombe to see John Keighley, a guy from church who owns a clothing store, about my suit for Alfie’s wedding. The original suit was too big, as most clothes normally are on me, so it was sent off to the tailor to shorten the coat and sleeves, take the jacket in a little bit, and shorten the pant legs and take it in slightly around the waist. When it first came back from the tailor, the left side of the jacket was longer than the right for some unusual reason. The suit is now ready for February.
After that I dropped into IKEA at Rhodes to look for some furniture for my room. I’m looking for some chairs, bookshelves/storage and a desk. I ran into Lesley and Christina Dodd in my wanderings.
Next stop was Top Ryde City for a tour. The ‘city’ was quite aesthetically pleasing, with wide isles, but the shops weren’t particularly well suited to the place. It’s definitely no where near as nice as the Pitt Street Mall Westfield. I was after a wedding present for Jimothy and ‘The Fish’ from their registry at Myer, but after waiting at the bridal registry counter for a good 5 minutes and wandering around with a list that could hardly be fulfilled in that Myer I decided to head over to the source: to Castle Towers. I wandered around the Towers Myer with a view to purchase a couple of items on the list, however, when I wasn’t able to find one on the list, and feeling that the other item was a little too cheap to be gifted on it’s own, I found another item which suited my price range, and was fortunate enough to be discounted in the post Christmas stocktake sales.
Finally it was time for dinner, and being quite famished after all that driving and ‘shopping’ I stopped in at Carlingford Village for my standard meal at Cafe de Hong Kong:- minced beef on rice with a raw egg, and a hot lemon Coke whilst reading some bible, according to my my 2011 reading plan.

Friday seemed to go by fairly quickly. Work wasn’t too bad, although some last minute disorganisation, mis-communication and natural disasters meant that I was feeling some pressure of a wedding at church on the Saturday. I wasn’t a part of the ceremony, but at times it almost felt like I was being pressured into becoming involved, without directly being asked to.
Our regular touch football on Friday afternoon at 5:30 was extremely popular this week. We had about 30 people there, making it difficult to play and run with space, but was enjoyable nonetheless. When we finished, I had time to get home, have a shower and get ready to duck over to my parents place for dinner with them, my sister and brother-in-law and my Uncle Daniel and Auntie Margot, who were visiting from Canberra.
After dinner, it was off to Favela in Kings Cross to catch Random Soul warm up for Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw. It’s rare to get a night where you get to hear 2 great vocalists, especially a male and a female. There were also so many familiar faces and people from the House industry out. Favela was packed out, so much so that I could not bust a move, but given my day, I was happy enough to sit and bop to the house tunes.

Saturday morning was pretty much a write off, drifting in and out of sleep until I actually had to get up to head off to yum cha at Fortune Palace in Carlingford Village with the extended family of Friday night. It took me a quick 5 minutes to wander up there, which was good, especially in the sun. In the afternoon, I finally made it around to doing some cleaning of the flat by mopping about half of the floor tiles. The kitchen needed it the most, however I think there’s still some stubborn parts that I wasn’t able to get clean entirely….

Today has been a fairly quiet one as well… I’ve been procrastinating on my Hackintosh, spending perhaps too much time on here… I got both of my flatmates back, who arrived mid-afternoon and pretty much just landed in bed after a quick “hello”.
Tonight at graceat6, Manny spoke to us on Fleeing Idolatry from 1 Corinthians 10:1-22. The talk wasn’t exegetical, but it wasn’t quite systematic either. The style was a bit removed from the norm that we have at graceat6 and I wonder how a lot of the younger audience found it. There were certainly a large quantity of long and complex words strung together, which I’m generally confused with, and Manny is known for. And also references to famous theologians, like Driscoll, and Piper. It was certainly a good reminder to not worship idols, rather to worship God.
Post graceat6 we headed over to the Everett residence for some pizza and fellowship. It was a good chance to meet people and to chat, especially to people who had been away on beach missions, and to hear of some of the good things God has been working through those, and through them.

My reading has been pretty slow, though I’ve managed to get into some bible at least. This week I got some Matthew in, about 4 chapters so far; still need to catch up in this discipleship journal reading plan. I do enjoy the genealogy at the beginning of Matthew, and the way that it traces the lineage of Jesus back through the ages, highlighting King David and Abraham. I’m not sure of the significance of the number 14 though, being the generations between Abraham and David and David and Jesus.

I also need to get into some routines around the flat, like cleaning, washing, cooking and eating. Everything is still a bit up in the air, and I feel like if I don’t lock something down soon; wake up with a kick, if you will, then everything will remain lofty and unstable….



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