So I’m about 5 days into my Bible reading plan, and it seems to be working out pretty well. I’m still having a little trouble locking down regularity, but I’m very much enjoying what I’m reading…

As things have turned out, I’ve been reading:

  • Gospels in the morning, sometime between waking up and going to work which is roughly a two and a half hour span
  • Old Testament when I get home after work, something that I’m sure will lend itself to be a difficult challenge when activities pick up
  • Psalms before going to bed

I haven’t been able to find an appropriate time to read New Testament letters, though, I think with the plan running over a 25 day period, I’ll be able to set aside some time on saturdays and/or sundays to cover a weeks worth of them each week.

It’s also been good having another person on the plan and being able to encourage and be encouraged in keeping up reading. I’m also looking forward to chatting through some of the things we’ve read together…

One great resource that I’ve been using has been Something that I’m entitled to use since purchasing an ESV study bible. The function that has worked well for me has been the bookmarking; there’s three different bookmarks which you can drag out into the passage to mark your place, and then recall them. I believe that I’m also able to invite 5 people to use the site as well, without the purchase of a study bible. If you’re keen to take a look in, or utilise the site, hit me up.

So in my reading of Genesis so far, I’ve found that whilst it’s been great reading the familiar stories, like the creation, Cain & Abel, and Noah, I find that I’m enjoying picking up on some smaller details that perhaps I’ve not noticed before, and also the genealogies.
Things like God telling the creatures of the sea, the birds of the air, man in God’s image, Noah and his sons ALL to “be fruitful and multiply and fill/subdue the earth” on 3 different occasions. From the genealogies it’s been great to see how the various nations, great nations of the early world were formed, and how they all came from the same source.. To think that later in the Old Testament we find these nations at war with one another…