Well this week has been an extremely exhausting one with January Ministry Conference (JMC) filling up my days. Basically I have been leaving the house around 8/8:30 each morning to make sure everything was fine for the day and that the sound and powerpoint stuff was ready to go for the morning talks, along with my normal duties of collecting mail and answering queries. A typical JMC Day would be talks in the morning by Craig Schafer on Psalms, followed by morning tea before Strand Groups. Lunch would follow before Electives, which then fed into free time. After free time was dinner and then night talks by Paul Grimmond on 1 Timothy. I plan to give a semi-in-depth run-through of the talks in a couple of posts.

I ran my first ever elective on the Wednesday afternoon of JMC, in my specialised field of Tech Training. I had 3 participants who all managed to get the hang of most things. One of which is on board for tech team this year, with the other 2 potentially coming on board later on.

On Thursday night after JMC, I went to play indoor soccer in The Derby: the match between Jesus Lives and Destiny FC. I played particularly cautiously due to my shoulder still not feeling 100%, but came away seemingly unscathed, only suffering an unnecessary kick to my ankle in the post-game. There was a fairly close call at one end of the field, when I was double teamed and barrelled into the net. I bounced off the net, but felt the chairs that sit alongside the court… It was an alright game, despite us losing to Destiny FC 8-2.

Friday afternoon touch was a bit less popular this week than the last few weeks. We had about 8 a side with many of the regulars not there. Highlights of the game were:

  • Bruce scoring a try by stepping JJ and outrunning him.
  • Scoring a hat-trick with some fancy stepping

The last couple of days have been pretty quiet as I tried to recover from the exhaustion of JMC plus sports… My day today has been tainted with the fact that someone stole my laptop and ipod touch out of my room by removing the fly-screen and reaching through the window of my room whilst I was out of the house for about 45 minutes, and whilst Jason was still in the house….

Tonight Jason spoke on Flee the Love of Money from 1 Timothy 6:3-19. Jason drew some great observations from the passage that apply to money, particularly our attitude towards it, in this day and age being:

  • Spending of money to be content
  • Using money as a measure of worth
  • Finding security in money
  • Finding our joy in money

He reminded us to flee from these things and to find our contentment in Christ, pursuing good Godly things instead like righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness, as it says in the passage. There were plenty of examples given by Jase of ways in which he has fallen victim to each of the points he made, which helped listeners to connect and relate. It was another great and timely reminder to think about where our priorities lie.

Post graceat6 we went back to The Everett’s for pizza again, this time around there were plenty more pizzas, and less people, but still an enjoyable time sitting around and chatting.

My bible reading has really suffered over this week, which is not good, despite still being in the bible for JMC stuff. Pray that I would continue to find my joy in Jesus and God’s word, that I would make my reading and prayer a priority, meditating day and night.

Finally the MTS blessing has manifested itself in the engagement of Hamish and Steph. Congratulations to you both. Here’s a photo I took of the lovely couple back at Awesome last year.



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