This week has been fairly busy at work again. Having one day off in the middle meant that 5 days work needed to be squeezed into 4. With graceat6 launching for 2011 tonight there were plenty of bits and pieces to be done… I redesigned the website which can be seen at and had to organize the manifestos to be color printed, partnership forms and bible reading devotions, as well as producing the presentations for the night. On top of that, most of the staff were back at work this week in a ‘normal’ week, with regular meetings back in action… Finally this was Emma’s last week before she head off to college, so there was plenty of training of those coming in to fill her position.

On Monday night after work I dropped around to the Hall residence for dinner and to try and fix a couple of computer issues they were having, I fixed half of them. After dinner Geoff and I went back to the flat to watch some Smallville and Family Guy.

Tuesday night after work I came hope to find Jase down in the garage working on putting his fairings on his newest motorbike, so I went down and huge out whilst reading some papers on routing and setting up networking gear to help me figure out some problems I’ve been having with my new gear in my room. After finishing that I went upstairs to cook up a bolognaise for dinner, which was extremely tasty.

Wednesday was ‘stralia day. In the afternoon I went around to Eliza’s place to hang out for BBQ and pool times whilst listening to the triple J hottest 100. Whilst I don’t mind hanging out in the crowds, I find it difficult to get involved, being an introvert and all, and found myself hanging by myself, during the ‘lull’ part of the afternoon…. It also kinda sucks that people don’t really see this and just sit in their comfort zone rather than reaching out to the more introverted. It’s kinda funny because as I was sitting there I read some bible and came across Matthew 7:12 which says: “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them…..”

Thursday was a bit of a hectic day, dealing with some recent changes at church and trying to mediate without taking sides… I came away feeling pretty rubbish and spent the evening chilling out…

Friday was long and tiring… The morning was spent rearranging our photocopier room to accommodate the new guillotine we have at work along with some more website development. At lunch we had many of the staff come in, something that doesn’t normally happen on a Friday, to farewell Emma and to enjoy some cake. Touch in the arvo got to about 14 a side. It was a pretty good game; I managed to score 2 tries within my first 3 touches, running them in on the corner post with a couple of quick steps. Friday night was also the first SALT for the year. It was a pretty good night, although a little down on numbers, and things ran over-time. After SALT finished I headed up to Officeworks to pick up the manifestos for graceat6.

Saturday was spent relaxing in the morning, web development in the afternoon and then Alfie’s buck’s party in the evening. We had the all-you-can-eat buffet dinner at Ken’s Charcoal Korean BBQ, where we cooked our own meats on the hotplate, before heading back to Alfie’s place to chill out, making a detour via the supermarkets for Alfie to pick up some essential wedding supplies; condoms, lubricant and women’s products, with his hands fastened behind his back in handcuffs.

Tonight, the graceat6 launch, went pretty well. Most things were done on time, with the exception of a couple of presentation pieces. Mike preached through Colossians in line with the graceat6 vision, mission and strategy. I’m glad that the launch is over, there was so much work to put in for it.
After graceat6, I headed off to the Davis’ residence to farewell Calum as he heads off to France to study for a while.