This week has been a steady slow climb back to full health….

First thing Monday morning I trundled off to see the doctor. She told me that I had some kind of gastric bug, but that it should go away naturally. The main remedy was rest, to avoid dairy, starchy and/or greasy foods, and if I was to eat/drink, to consume slightly burnt toast, and electrolytic rich drinks, like Gatorade. I dropped by work to deliver the mail and let them know that I was taking the day off sick. The remainder of the day was spent trying to sleep, rather than throw up and go to the toilet.

By Tuesday I was feeling a bit better, about 80%. I thought it was enough for me to go to work, but take it slowly. I went about my work slowly and steadily, but knocked off fairly early to get home for some rest and recovery. Wednesday I’d regained health to be about 87%, so I made it to Growth Group that night. We looked at Colossians 1:15-29, the first half of which contains what’s commonly referred to as The Christ Hymn. These 5 or so verses are an amazing and succinct summary of Christ and His Christology, linking him with God the Father and with all things.

Thursday night lectures were pretty interesting; we looked at Epochs, which are periods of time distinguished by certain events. Peter Bolt pointed out several biblical epoch structures and then gave us examples of how to look for and find out epochs that are mentioned or referred to in the bible, like with the genealogy of Jesus in the beginning of Matthew. Our peer group met to look over a Biblical Theology of Mission, including an assignment in which we’ll be looking at how that works out in the books of Luke and Acts. I’ve been a bit slack in my Moore College workload, and so I’ll really need to pick up the slack sooner than later.

Friday was an enjoyable day. Work wasn’t particularly busy, and I got to have a good chat with Rose in the morning. By the afternoon I was able to reorganise a bunch of things on my desk to help my workflow and administration out. At touch I managed to get kneed in the left calf as I was falling over, which hurt alot and meant that my left leg doesn’t work properly, or is corked… It still didn’t stop me from scoring a fantastic try: we were attacking, 5th touch. Mike had the ball in the middle, and gave me a quick glance on the wing. I nodded and prepared for a run. The kick went up and I gave chase…. I managed to get down field and watched as the ball sailed over one of their defenders to land in my arms before diving to put the ball on the pitch before getting touched. It was as if the try was a well rehearsed play.

Saturday was a busy busy social day. In the morning was Mim Binskin’s 21st at church. There were over 100 people attending and it was great to be able to celebrate with so many Christians, although the clicks were very defined. There was plenty of food floating around, hat tip to the chef’s especially for the chocolate cake, and the little cupcakes.
After a quick change at home, it was off to Roseville for Steph and Hamish’s Engagement Party, aka SHToose. The Swanton Residence is an amazingly beautiful house, with plenty of areas to mingle; a great party house, and there were so so many great party people around to meet and catch up with. I in my introverted self found some awesomely awkward situations flowing between groups of people; trying to speak to some and getting hijacked or interrupted by other socialites. I did get the opportunity to see Adri and Scarlett Guthrie whom I hadn’t met since Simon became a father, so that was pretty darned exciting. She is one cute little girl, with a great smile. As we were standing there, she managed to grab a hold of a few of my fingers and play around with them… I also got to chat a few times with Wendy; Steph’s mum, having spoken to her a couple times for work related bits and pieces, but it was good to catch her outside of that. The best introvert overcoming conversation I had though, was with a girl by the name of Alana. I boldly fronted up to her as she sat by herself and introduced myself, sitting down beside her and awkwardly asking her questions, before getting answers and numerous long pauses… I almost felt like she didn’t want to be involved.. whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but I felt like we eventually got to a reasonable pace of conversation before she had to head off for some kind of gig…
After the SHToose‘s engagement party, I trundled off to my folks place before heading over to my sisters place for family dinner. It was good to catch up and see them all, and to have a home cooked meal.

This morning I caught up with Nic Trevena over coffee and Acts 2. We talked about how some speakers on the passage concentrate more on the speaking in tongues rather than the great gospel that is contained within, about Jesus not being able to be contained by death, how he loosed the pangs of death, and how the believers are to escape the crooked generation and join together with the saints, sharing in all things, grateful for what they each and all have together as a community.

Tonight at graceat6 Mike spoke from Zephaniah 2:4-3:30. The passage speaks about the sovereignty of God, about His judgement to come on this world, this deaf deaf world. And how He saves us, and that is the only way; by coming to Jesus. We come to Jesus: calling upon Him as Lord, serving Him with humility, speaking the truth, accepting the rest that we do find in Jesus and being joyful and excited by the great fact that we are saved!!!