I’m considering purchasing one of these to be used as my mobile computer, replacing my Dell Mini 9″ Hackintosh, which is a little on the tiny side, and not particularly powerful, being based on an atom chip, whereas the Air have a Core 2 Duo in them.

So as part of my investigations, I’m currently in the Chatswood Apple store, blogging away on an 11″ Air. It’s a pleasant experience so far, the keyboard is nicely spaced out, although I’m struggling a little with the placement of the delete key. I’ve currently got 4 tabs open and am testing out the multitasking capabilities… It doesn’t seem to have slowed down much, but I wonder how it would go running Aperture as well, which is something I’d be keen to do whilst out on the road… It feels quite nice and light as well when lifting it up, though the screen feels a tiny bit flimsy to be honest.

I think that if I was to purchase, I’d run with a 13″, so I could make use of the extra speed of the processor. The added benefit of the SD slot would be nice, but with a 256GB SSD, I’m not sure whether it is a great added benefit, especially since my camera uses CompactFlash cards rather than SD Cards.

My dilemma is that I want a powerful laptop to be able to edit video on the road, not sure if an air could quite handle that, so I’d have to jump to a Macbook Pro in order to fulfil that, or else just hold off on video edits until I’m at home with my desktop i7 Hackintosh, but as I mentioned, the Dell Mini 9″ isn’t cutting it any longer.

I guess I’ll keep contemplating, calculating, reading, praying and discussing the need to go ahead with this and keep you updated..