Last night I got on down to Pablo & Rusty’s Expresso Bar in Epping for another of The Gate‘s trial events, having run their course of shows in the backyard. On the bill for the evening were: Loopsnake, Cleptoclectics and Wintercoats – artists I’d never heard of before.

When I wandered up towards Pablo & Rusty’s, there was the familiar banner of The Gate leading people up the side alleyway. After presenting my ticket at the entrance, I wandered into the back ‘red’ room and saw Chris & Tracy Tate, old stalwarts of St Paul’s 7:15 service and guys from an old bible study group. I also met Jon Key, Tracy’s cousin and got to chatting with him for a short while.

After a little while of setting up, Loopsnake took to the small stage and began playing, laying down some electronic bleeps and pops with a dubby minimal sound. He looked to be enjoying himself on stage, constantly bopping along, which was a stark contrast to those in the audience who sat still on the floor, even when Loopsnake moved into a funky breaky sound. For those that are keen to hear some of Loopsnake you can do so at his bandcamp site.

After a short interval and equipment change, it was time for Cleptoclectics to start. His music was a quirky, offbeat Hip-Hop sound with many oriental sounds… He seemed to bounce between a good energy and a more subdued state… For some Cleptoclectics please visit his myspace.

Final act for the night was Melbournian Wintercoats; one guy with a violin and a few effects, delay and reverb switches. His method for making music was phenomenal; playing a bar or two, capturing it and then adding more and more layers, all generated with his violin by bowing, plucking, strumming or brushing the strings, flicking or tapping the body of the violin, and then singing over the top. It was quite an amazing act, similar to two other acts I’ve seen: Erik Mongrain, who plays the guitar in a different way, and Jamie Lidell, who often samples, loops and effects his voice to come up with something new. Most impressive track that Wintercoats performed was a cover of TLC’s No Scrubs. For some of Wintercoats‘ music, please visit his bandcamp site.

I think the night was pretty successful, it certainly got a little warm inside the venue, despite the temperature drop outside, and you wouldn’t want to grow the audience too much more than an extra 20 persons, which shouldn’t be a problem given the following that experimental sounds has… I got some video of the night and hope to put that up somewhere soon…



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