This week has felt extremely long….despite not heaps happening…
On Monday night I caught up with a different set of Halls; Bruce & Rose, since Geoff & Tiff were away at mission. I went over to fix/update their computer in exchange for dinner; a vegetable curry which was quite spicy, but helped along by some yoghurt.

Tuesday night was my turn to cook. Hamish wasn’t able to make it, but Steph and I ate pasta ala carbonara, one of my staple favourite recipes, this time with added onions, mushroom and tomato. It was tasty tasty, with enough to spare for lunch on Wednesday.

Wednesday night at growth group we looked at Colossians 3:18-4:1 which speaks of how to relate to different people giving examples of husband & wife, father & child(ren) and master & slave. We are to remember to fear the Lord and remember that we are working for Him, as opposed to for men.

Thursday night I spent a little time working on my biblical theology exposition on 2 Samuel 7.

On Friday things at work got a little frustrating, but a wander up the road and some Christian Hip-Hop from Humble Beast settled me down. Touch was quite popular, with about 12 aside. As numbers thinned out, to about 7 aside, I managed to score a try off the kickoff; gathering the ball and making some ground before crossing up to the middle of the field and ducking around the right wingers to blast my way the rest of the way. SALT was pretty good, Mike gave a talk to the year 7s & 8s which answered a whole bunch of questions that they asked. It was a good talk and answered some great questions, you should be able to find it on soon…

Saturday was fairly quiet, but in the evening I got out to The Gate @ Pablo’s which was pretty enjoyable. Today I missed out on catching up with Nic since he was away for the weekend. Bruce spoke to us about the new people of God, how they are marked, and that they include both Jews and Gentiles. After graceat6 I had a good chat with Alfie & Monica and then with Alex plus some prayer.