So this was on my list of upcoming movies to see, and I got out to see it with Geoff on Monday night.

The film stars a great up and coming cast of females, the 5 heros being Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jamie Chung as well as Carla Gugino, from Californication, who plays the doctor.

The opening scene is quite striking, set to Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) sung by Emily Browning and then a Sucker Punch Remix of Björk’s Army of Me featuring Skunk Anansie, giving a basic back story to Baby Doll’s institutionalization.

The plot is thin, so if you are going to watch the film for it’s intricate storyline and character development, you will be disappointed… Baby Doll is due to be lobotomized in 5 days. She decides that she will make her escape, and enlists the help of the other four girls: Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie, and Amber. The movie then drifts into an alternate kind of reality where the girls are in some kind of a club to dance, whether that is exotic, or burlesque is questionable. Within this reality, the girls manage to dream themselves into other worlds where they face adversity in order to obtain items being: a map, fire, a knife and a key, which will help them to get free. The ending was a bit surprising for me, something that kind of shot out of the blue for me…

The soundtrack and the visuals complemented each other fantastically. The look of the film had the great visual look and feel that are seen in the 300, Watchmen and Sin City. The real world of the asylum looking grey and drab, but the dreams were gloriously colored and immaculately detailed and beautiful. The film has been described as ‘geek porn’; filled with many many things that geeks are accustomed to – samurai, ‘zombies’ headshots, Nazis, robots and dragons…

The film does contain plenty of scenes where the girls aren’t overly dressed, eg short skirts, stockings and low cut tops… And the film seems to speak alot to the school of self-help. Apart from those smallish issues, I very much enjoyed the film.