Christ is Risen!!! He is risen indeed!!
I love this Resurrection Sunday call and response, but I think that it’s something that we could/should utilise more often, not just on this day.

This week has been fairly quiet… Again I spent a fair amount of it not doing much, recovering from KYCK cooking.
Again I wasn’t able to catch up with Geoff, as he wanted to catch up with some people since it is Moore Collegeholidays‘ AKA lecture free periods. Instead I watched a few tv episodes and did some work on my SALT video, needing to put quite a fair amount of work into it as I think I’ve neglected it a bit over the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday night after coming home from work with my new Macbook Air: Magnetic Mac and starting to set it up for use, I sat down and watched The Killing with Jase, a new show from the states detailing the murder investigation of a young girl. The heroine of the show is a detective who seems to have quite an unusual character. She seems to have quite an unusual …, one that I don’t quite get, and I think that’s part of her appeal.
I then headed back to have dinner with my folks before coming back home to work some more on my video.

Wednesday night and Thursday night I worked some more on video whilst eating some of my leftover frozen carbonara.

At work on Thursday, we had a huge problem with our photocopier. It required a service and some toner, which didn’t quite all make it by the time that new-sheets needed to be printed, so I was around at work until 6pm whilst the sheets were printed on our alternate, slower machine.

On Friday morning mum and dad picked me up around 7 so we could drive up the mountain for Katoomba Easter Convention to hear Don Carson, Dale Ralph Davis and Simon Flinders speak on the topic of a good heart is Hard to Find: Commitment in the age of disposable love. So far the weekends talks have been enjoyable. The most enjoyable talks for me have been Don Carson’s who has been reflecting on the cross and how it affects our lives. Simon Flinders’ talks on Romans 8 have been very clear and what I’m used to; great and clear exegetical preaching with practical implications.

One thing that I really enjoy about Easter Convention is the span of people that attend. I’ve seen a whole bunch of people from St Paul’s, both present and past, and I know of a whole bunch of others that are up here. I’ve been keen to hang out, but each afternoon I’ve been pretty much by myself in our apartment, sleeping and doing bits and pieces on Magnetic Mac. I don’t know what it is about me, I try and organise things socially, but people just don’t seem to reciprocate the uptake on things… and then they seem to happily sit in their own bubbles and groups. As brothers and sisters in Christ, I’d love to see this change, and I pray that you readers be aware of this and make a conscious effort with ALL your Christian acquaintances to actually get to know them, even in a small capacity.
Also on my mind is to meet some new people, but alas, I’m only ever really greeted with a “hi”, and too shy to go out and meet strangers. As with most other Christian things I attend, there’s cliques, niches and friendship groups, which seem to foil my ‘attempts’ to break out of this cycle that I’m stuck in.