This week has felt extremely long. Monday morning after packing up at Leura and heading for the last couple of sessions of Katoomba Easter Convention we came back down the mountain in the rain and through the roadworks. I managed to take some back-roads and avoid approximately 20 minutes of slow moving traffic. We stopped in at Cafe de Hong Kong in Carlingford Court for a late lunch. Then back at the flat, I relaxed a bit before calling it a night.

Tuesday was meant to be movie day at the flat, but most people I invited weren’t able to come due to uni work, so I ended up watching some stuff by myself. I started watching Sin City whilst I cooked up scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for a late-ish breakfast. After that Jase was home, so we watched an episode of The Killing before Billie came around and we watched Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. After a little bit of TV, I was feeling a little off, I’m terming it ‘hypo-food’, so I had a nap, which didn’t seem to help, but after ingesting some food (chicken and sweet corn soup) and heading back to bed, I was pretty much recovered by Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, being the first day back at work after the long long weekend, and the first day after school holidays had finished, there was plenty of things to be done, making sure that the church hadn’t fallen down. At night we resumed growth group with a social; heading down down to Parramatta for some Thai, albeit not quite enough, and then tea/coffee and desert back at Alicia’s place.

Thursday night back at college we ran through Exodus and an very quick overview of the Kingdom revealed in Israels History; basically from Exodus all the way up King David.

Friday was really quite a productive day, with plenty of things getting knocked off my to-do list. There was some doubt as to whether we’d get to play touch, with the rain and the oval closures, but we managed to get a game going on the oval without too much slush and mud. We managed to get a total of 9 players, opting to play 4 vs 5, where the try-scorer swapped. I managed to squeeze in about 4 tries over the night, thanks to some quick and sudden directional changes, enhanced by wearing blades. SALT was enjoyable, good to see so many kids back after the holidays. Mike started his series on Breathing to Death by Lecrae, this first talk being Image. My video for it hasn’t been finished, but I was just able to hammer out a KYCK photo slideshow on Magnetic Mac.

Yesterday I went along to a first aid training course organised by the diocese and run by a part-time paramedic from Safety International. He was both informative and entertaining in his delivery of the course. I found it really beneficial, especially in the way that he explained the reasons behind the first aid actions and treatments, and also how to treat more than one injured person at a time.

This morning I met up with Nic after roughly a month on hiatus. We read through Acts 9 and 10 about Saul’s conversion, Peter and Cornelius’ visions leading to many people hearing the gospel and believing. After a lazy morning, I got some hot chips and gravy in for lunch, washed a whole pile of dishes and then went for a 4km jog and some exercises with Nic again.
graceat6 tonight went well. Mike spoke on Facebook outlining it’s dangers, limitations and opportunities, speaking primarily from 1 Corinthians 10:23-33. For me it was a good rebuke and reminder that we shouldn’t grumble, gossip or lust on Facebook, but we should use it for good things, like proclaiming the gospel, connecting and relating with our friends.