This week has been a really really tough week for me. It was a culmination of many things that resulted in me feeling overwhelmed, sad, disappointed and just generally down. Mike’s talk on Facebook gave me a whole bunch of things to think about in the way I conduct myself online.

This week our ministers went away for senior staff conference to look at the plans for our group of churches, leaving only a couple of us to hold the fort and run the church. It was a fairly productive time for me to knock off a few bits and pieces.

Monday night I got to catch up with Geoff after almost a month. We got out to Macquarie Centre for some dinner, some Philemon, a chat and to watch Thor.

Tuesday morning for our graceat6 meeting, we met over breakfast at The Flat. The meeting was pretty good, we got to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ and look at the running of graceat6 for this week. At night, I got out to have dinner in North Rocks for my Mum’s birthday on Wednesday. It was a tasty meal; we had Peking Duck, San Choy Bow, Buk Choi and Salt and Chilli Flounder.

On Wednesday I went along to the 8th bi-annual IT Forum run by the Sydney Diocesan Secretariat, stopping in for a Workshop Expresso coffee on the way. We heard from Anglican Youthworks and the ways in which they work as a Christian organisation. Then as some of the Parishes, we looked into what the Diocese could provide for us and then resources we have access for procurement. After lunch we heard about the implementation of Sharepoint for a school’s intranet and then some details about cloud computing. At growth group we started looking at the gospel of Matthew.

Thursday night a college we had a guest lecturer because Peter Bolt had to attend a family funeral. It was really quite a difficult night because the pace of the lectures was so quick that I couldn’t gather thoughts or take notes quick enough, there wasn’t time for my brain to process things…

Friday night at touch, we got a good 30 people which made for an interesting and fairly messy game. I scored a nice try early on in the night, but as things progressed, we seemed to forfeit more tries. SALT was good, the first one back for the term. It was the first of the new format, which is still in need of some work. Mike preached his second talk in Breathing to Death series on Lust. It was a really good talk, full of challenges and rebukes. I’m keen to give a more indepth rundown of it sometime soon.

Most of Saturday I spent my time rebuilding and reinstalling my Hackintosh Pro machine, updating it to OS X 10.6.7 because there were a few gremlins in the system. I did get out for a coffee with Matt Turner in Eastwood. It was a good chance to chat, catch up and get his 4c on some of the things that I’d found difficult of late.

Today I got home to have lunch with my family for mothers day, we had Malaysian noodles and congee. James Davidson spoke at graceat6 tonight from Luke 7:11-23, which speaks of Jesus’ raising a man from the dead, making a mother’s day. To me, it felt like quite a simplistic talk, which I can understand the purpose of, being an opportune time for people to bring mothers to church. The main points made were that Jesus has conquered death and saved us from judgement, so we need to make sure that we pay attention to Him, putting our faith and trust in Him.

This week coming I’ve got some work to do on our email system, transferring it over to Google, before I get along to Semi-Permanent on Friday and Saturday and then off to the Garage Hymnal album launch. I’m really looking forward to those couple of days….