This week has been a fairly busy week, but shortened by a day in lieu on Friday.

My main challenge this week was the conversion/move of St Paul’s email hosting to use google apps for business. Whilst a fair amount of groundwork was laid towards the end of last week, this week was when the switch was flicked and our guys went ‘live‘ with the service. It was mostly a smooth transition, surprisingly smoother than expected, but not one without it’s troubles and frustrations… The major hiccup was an anomaly on one machine which meant that IMAP emails weren’t syncing. Craig managed to fix this with a reinstall on Wednesday evening.

Monday night Geoff and I caught up at his place and watched a couple of Smallville episodes; slowly creeping towards the final episode ever after 10 seasons!!

On Tuesday night Steph and Hamish came around for dinner. We had cream of mushroom soup and olive bread. During their growth group, I confined myself to my room to watch some tv, continue restoring parts of my hackintosh and writing a post on lust.

Wednesday afternoon I stuck around work till 6:30 whilst Craig sorted out some computer problems in the office.. In retrospect it was a poor decision on my part as it meant that I didn’t get enough time to cook and eat dinner before growth group. So after growth group finished at 9:30, I headed off to Coles to purchase some cheese and an onion and proceeded to cook a carbonara with some bacon leftover from KYCK #3, as well as washing up a whole stack of dirty dishes… By the time I’d finished cooking and gotten around to eating, it was close to 11pm. I soon found that one of the big problems on filling up on carbs late at night is the inability to sleep… I think I finally went to bed and got to sleep around 3:30am…

Thursday was a struggle to say the least… I needed to sort out my normal Thursday tasks as well as organise my Friday tasks, all of this on about 4 hours sleep…. Followed by college at night, which I only really got through thanks to caffeine in the form of Redbull and coffee.. Still it was enjoyable looking at the book of Isaiah: with the prophecy of the servant that we see fulfilled in Jesus.

Friday and Saturday I went along to Semi Permanent which has been running for 9 years, of which I’m pretty sure I’ve been to all 9 of the Sydney events, AND the inaugural Melbourne Event. After arriving in the city early, I grabbed a Workshop Expresso coffee before venturing out to find some mini DV tapes for my camera and then wandering on down to the conference. The talks were good, and it was really interesting to hear what these designers, producers, photographers and artists are up to, but also to hear about their lives. A couple of things that kind of stood out for me were comments/tips given that had parallels or application in Christianity, and then some which were just totally against it. The guys from Super Vixen talked about “Self Less Promotion” with this whole idea of not being out there promoting themselves in order to attain work, but rather promoting their clients and letting that work speak for itself. It kind of reminded me of what Peter says in 1 Peter 5. Also Reg Mombasa; Mambo artist and a member of Mental as Anything had some drawing of “Australian Jesus” as well as some other biblical inspired paintings. It was quite interesting how he used the scriptures as a source of inspiration, just not quite the right outcomes…
My favourite speakers from the conference were Corey Arnold; a photographer and Alaskan fisherman, Kayt Jones; a fashion photographer from LA, Gemma O’Brien; a designer working primarily with type, specifically customising letters and typefaces, and Dean Poole of Alt Group; a multidisciplinary design studio from Auckland, New Zealand.

On Saturday night after Semi Permanent I eventually caught a bus to Newtown (ask me about it sometime) to head to the Garage Hymnal album recording at St Stephen’s Newtown. It was a great evening, despite my lateness, with very catchy songs, which I think are a bit more theologically sound than a number of those commonly sung, some great lighting and production. I managed to grab a few snaps; playing with the manual focus, higher ISO, lower aperture and slower shutter speed. Here’s one of my favourites of the bunch:

Sunday morning I met up with Nic Trevena for our one to one time. We were too early for our usual haunt of Maison Robért, so we ended up heading to Pablo & Rusty’s. At graceat6 James Davidson spoke from Luke 10:25-37, commonly known as the parable of the good Samaritan. It was a good talk, making us think about who our neighbor is and reminding us that we are unable to justify ourselves and fall short of God’s standards and so we need to remember that we need a savior and we find Him in Jesus Christ.
After graceat6 finished, I left pretty quickly; I just wasn’t feeling up for social interaction and didn’t really get a vibe that the social wanted to interact with me. I’m really feeling a frustration and a weight with this, which is affecting me physically in my sleeping patterns, and emotionally, meaning that I’m rather withdrawn from things…. Please pray for me, that I’ll be relying on God, casting my fears, anxieties and frustrations on Him, finding strength and solace in His Word. Also thank God for those around that have ears to listen and hear what I’m saying, offering appropriate advice and support. Life’s not always rosey and often we think that it should be…