So this week has been on the up and up. At the last Sunday Summary I wasn’t feeling the best. This continued on through Monday and Tuesday.
A huge


to those that have been praying for me over the last week. I got a couple of messages and comments and am really grateful to you for your prayers in my struggles.

I got to chat to Gary about how things were going, how I wasn’t feeling the best and what was bothering me… It was a helpful conversation to have, something that calmed me down a bit and reassured me.
After work on Monday, I ventured out to Burwood to watch Your Highness with Geoff and Marcus. It was a pretty lewd and crude movie with some fairly odd sense of humor. When I got home, I really struggled to get to sleep. I was really anxious and frustrated with relationships and work and just life in general… It wasn’t until 3:30am that I managed to hit the sack.

I struggled to get up in the morning on Tuesday; waking up and then practically passing out for another almost 2 hours, making me late for work. I arrived to a few problems, mainly IT related that kinda made me wish that 2 hours was longer… Lesley noticed that I was down and asked me how I was doing, that was helpful, especially to know that people do notice these things, and actually do something about it. I guess it can be harder to pick up that a quieter and more reserved person is not feeling good. Mike also noticed and we had a bit of a chat in the afternoon. It was a good chance to unload, and though he didn’t have all the answers, he did pray for me and that was and is a great reassurance.

On Wednesday night at growth group, we continued to look at Matthew, this time from 6:19 to the end of 7, which, in God’s perfect timing, speaks about not being anxious… It was both great, but also a little hard to hear…

Thursday night at college with Nicky, I was a little tired and distracted, though we talked about God on the cross as; the wrath of God revealed, and as the forgiveness to the nations.

Friday was a quiet work day, which was good because it meant that I could get things done for the graceat6 weekend away; final prep of videos to be played, song powerpoints to be shown etc etc. I left work around 3:30pm to pack my stuff, some tech equipment and make some room in Jason’s car, before heading around to the Conway Residence to pick up Sam and Joel and take in a quick coffee, before heading off to Camp Kedron via McDonalds at St Ives.

The weekend away was enjoyable. We sat under God’s word, expounded by Andrew Graham from Psalm 119. It was an encouraging word, but a real and true one. As well as hearing from Andrew, I also got out for a 5.7km run on Saturday morning with Mike and Josh Ralph, plenty of soccer, some great times of fellowship over good food and I also got to lead a discussion group of great guys and girls known as Sin & Shin, with whom I was able to discuss things both serious and trivial in nature. I do pray that those who I was able to lead will take away and commit to the things that were discussed from Psalm 119. I plan to go through my talk notes and get something up here soon. I did manage to bruise my right leg and ankle, which had swollen up quite badly from defending a couple big shots on goal in soccer, but that seems to be going down now, still a bit painful though.

This evening at graceat6 James Davidson spoke from Luke 10:37-42 which is the story of Mary and Martha. His big idea being the core values of a disciple. At times we can get so distracted with doing things, Christian things in order to serve people, that we neglect to sit at God’s feet and listen to Him, learning how to serve Him and other people. We are also not to go over the top in our serving. James also mentioned that Jesus gave high status to women, and we also ought to do so. He also spoke about rebuking, and how Jesus gave an example of how to give a gentle rebuke.
This is something I really need to take note of; I’m often serving, and at times, I think that I neglect to sit at God’s feet to listen to His word…

After graceat6, I got to chat to a few people; we had Jon Singh-Key come to visit, one of the guys I met at The Gate @ Pablo’s, Mandy Oram and some peeps that weren’t at the weekend away. We organised for some dinner back at the flat, thanks to Nicky Sutton and Steve Gangemi, but since Lairdy wasn’t feeling too crash hot, we ended up moving the party back to church and using the resources of the kitchen to have a spag bol and a cake for dinner, by candlelight to the tune of the TRON Legacy soundtrack and watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail. A fun way to end a great weekend, and definitely something I wouldn’t have envisioned at the same time last week. How great is our God in the ways that He provides for us, carrying & sustaining us through all seasons of life.