This week has felt extremely long!!
On Monday night Geoff came around to hang. We ate leftover chicken from graceat6 dinner with chips and gravy; great comfort food, before having a chat about life and difficulties associated with, and then watching a couple of episodes of the final season of Smallville.

Tuesday was pretty quiet. Steph wasn’t around for her growth group, so I had dinner by myself. I tucked into a chicken casserole that Linda gave to me a few months back, it was delicious!!

Wednesday I dropped around home to my folks place for dinner again before heading off to growth group where we flew through Matthew 13-16. There was alot to take in and see; plenty of miracles and talk of commandments vs traditions.

Thursday night at Moore College in lectures, in pairs we looked at biblical theology, working through methodology and then looking at the biblical theology of “good works“. It was a really useful class, though I found some of the answers and ideas that my classmates gave difficult and a bit frustrating to listen to. Our peer group time was really frustrating. Our scheduled ‘leader’ for the week didn’t chose a case study topic (miracles) to look at until 5pm that day, despite a group email on the Friday before, asking what we were going to be looking at. This was heightened by the fact that when we sat down to actually look at the study, he had only read half of it, and the rest of the group, apart from me and one other, didn’t even know what we were doing, due to lack of notice… We ended up not even looking at the biblical theology of miracles, but rather listed off a whole bunch of ‘purple passages‘ (important bible passages in relation to biblical theology), which whilst useful for something like an exam, don’t actually help you know and understand the method of working through a particular topic.

Friday got to me a bit. It was one of those days where a misunderstanding, coupled with impatience, threw my whole mood off kilter. I tried to make myself as sparse as possible, which probably isn’t the best method of dealing with problems, but makes thinks easier on the day. I think I should have just dealt with it and gotten on with thinks, but I’m stubborn like that… I do think it’s incredibly funny and odd how we seem to have lost ‘the art of patience’ in our day and age. Everything is so instantaneous that we can’t take the time to wait, but need stuff now now now!!! Touch football wasn’t too bad, though playing on the wing is always a tough gig; the ball rarely travels out, but when it does, there’s a bit of opportunity, usually covered though. SALT was pretty tough work. I think I was handed about 6 usb sticks with things to be run on the night, plus a couple of youtube videos… There was also a patience issue there…

Saturday was taken out with work stuff: Our server has run past it’s end of life and has been causing issues for the whole of St Paul’s and possibly beyond for the last couple of months at least, so we finally got a new one. The next step was to get that up and running, but keeping most of the settings of the old one. I met with one of our MTSers Craig, who is a legend network engineer, to get this all sorted, but the transfer was more of a hassle than we’d thought. Our old server continually crashed in the middle of key processes. This meant that things that would normally have taken 20 minutes, jumped out to an hour and a half… It was pretty painful, and unexpected. It will be interesting to see the reception over the next few days and how much troubleshooting we’ll need to be doing… We did however receive the generosity of Snixey and Cato by way of soup, bread and grapes for dinner!!!
At night, for a break from server stuff, I got to take some photos at our fundraiser Jam4Japan, which featured two bands: Tim Harris & Band (Wonki, Jack Day & MattyB) and The Cameo to raise money to help the relief efforts in Japan. All of the proceeds from entry, merchandise, food and beverage sales going to Mission To the World – Tokyo, which totaled just over $2,000. I’m pretty happy with my photos, and hope to get some up soon, but here’s one of my favorites from the night

This morning I got out to read the bible and pray with Nic. We went back to our old haunt at the Carmen drive shops, which has now rebranded. The barista Thomas is still there, and recognized us, organizing our normal coffee order for us. We read through Acts 14 & 15 which was interesting, but the surprise of the morning was a conversation come heated discussion on Christianity, religion and the literacy & validity of the bible between some of the staff at this cafe. We didn’t get involved, but it was pretty unexpected…
Tonight at graceat6 Mike preached from Colossians 1:15-23 which speaks about Jesus, specifically that He is:

  • Creator of All Things
  • Revealer of The Invisible God
  • Rescuer of people
  • The Risen LORD

So tomorrow is a conference that I’ve been organising called N E X U S, which is a conference that gathers mainly people, mainly clergy or those in training, previously associated with St Paul’s and their friends who have the same theological mindset of Bible believing evangelicalism, and seeks to encourage and exhort them in the word, helping them think about our future ministry. I’ve got about 200 people coming, and am hoping and praying that the day will run smoothly, without too many hiccups or stress on my part. Last year ran pretty well, but I was a bit disappointed in terms of fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as the aftermath of the conference. This year I have some experience under my belt and am ready to G.O. I’m surprising not particularly stressed, and the pessimist in me thinks that I’ve not done something correctly… but I guess I’ll find out when I get there….



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