Well, I’ve been back in Australia for four days now, and I’m not quite back into the swing of things… I think that tomorrow back at work should help, but I fear that I’m going to be swamped with a tonne of work and requests…

So what happened this week??
On Monday we went to Fan Ling which is in the outer suburbs of of Hong Kong to the cemetery where my Ma Ma and Ye Ye (nan and pop) are buried, well they have an urn in a wall there. It was the anniversary of my mama’s passing. We didn’t do much there.. just took a look, except my Auntie Christina did some weird bowing thing, kind of a ‘paying respect to the dead’ thing… Then we ducked over to a restaurant in one of the local malls for lunch with some of mum’s old classmates.
After lunch, mum and I headed to Sham Shui Po; a place famous for it’s computer markets, to look for a few gadgets. We ended up picking up a media player for my folks, and I ended up wandering around looking at PS3 games, and other computer bits and pieces, before heading to Tsim Sha Tsui to a newish shopping complex called K11, picking up a pair of Puma First Round EX Valentine A’s. In the evening we headed to have dinner with some of Dad’s family. After dinner I got out to Giordano and picked up a couple pair of semi-formal shorts from their concepts range, and then out to a little plaza which houses a whole bunch of small boutique shops, where I picked up a pair of casual leather shoes.

Tuesday was a day where things were starting to get a bit rushed. We headed to the post office in the morning to send some excess items back by ship, and then off to Mong Kok to have lunch with another of Mum’s old classmates. In the afternoon we headed to the tailor with the intent of picking up both my suit, except that it wasn’t ready yet. Then for dinner, we ate with my Uncle Daniel and family.

Wednesday was flight day, so the morning was taken up with packing, before Dad and I headed out to the tailor to finally pick up my suit and pants, before I headed to IFC Mall to the Evisu shop to pick up a pair of jeans. Around 3 in the afternoon, we jumped in a taxi with all our luggage and checked in at Hong Kong Station; a real convenience meaning that we didn’t need to drag our luggage all over the place, and through to the airport, before heading upstairs to grab some late lunch; I had fresh egg noodles with ginger and shallots, served with a bowl of clear broth. After a bit more of a wander, we caught the Airport Express to hang out at the airport for a while. We ended up boarding the plane a little on the tail end of the passenger list. Mum and Dad had used their frequent flyer points to upgrade the three of us to premium economy seats, which have wider seats, equipped with individual armrest monitors and nicer trays, as well as nicer meals. During the flight, I watched an Australian film called Griff the Invisible; a kooky dry humour film. I didn’t understand a fair amount of, and was interrupted a few times, but am keep to see it again. I only got about an hour of sleep on the flight, spending a fair amount of it playing around with a new theme for CHONGLAND, and watching some Neon Genesis Evangelion.

For the last couple of days I’ve pretty much been a hermit… I guess because people haven’t really been searching me out, perhaps unaware that I’ve been back, and also in part that I’ve been a little lacking in sleep. I’ve headed out to the shops, and also been back at my folks place doing a few loads of washing…

Today after a fair sleep in and patchy moments of awakeness, I watched some television before heading out to the airport to pick up my mum, who’s been in Brisbane since we landed back in Sydney. I hung out at home for a little bit, grabbing a sticky rice whilst there, before heading out to Newtown to visit Church in the Graveyard. Despite the cold, which I’ve been slowly acclimatising to, I hung around outside meeting some people, thanks to Lucy, one of the welcomers who continued to introduce me to people as they arrived. I continued to meet several people whilst I was there, though I didn’t manage to get into too much conversation with the people I’d met since I ran into a family friend from Canberra: David Hellier, so I sat with him, and kind of caught up with him. Today was TEAR Sunday at St Stephen’s Newtown. Tonight the sermon was given by Richard Glover on Isaiah 58. It was quite an interesting sermon, but I think that the message was skewed by the fact that it was TEAR Sunday which meant that there was a large element of social justice that made it’s way into the sermon. The main message behind the message, though, was that we need to have a full-hearted, life devoted to God, that is worked out in both our regular daily devotion in bible reading and prayer, but also reaching further in our lives, in the way that we interact with people in the community, in the way that we spend our money, and further globally. Other elements of the service that I enjoyed were the prayer of confession, and the congregational prayers, especially the second, which was particularly well inspired by Paul’s prayers. After the service, I got to chatting to a few more people, and even went to a café called El Basha which is their local post-church hangout.

So this week, I hope to get back into a regular pattern, with some reflection on my Hong Kong time, and perhaps also some album reviews of recent acquisitions. Hope you’re liking the new theme as well, leave some comments as to what you think, and if there’s anything else that I can do, or improve.



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