This week has been a difficult yet fantastic week for me. It is so true what is said that in our weakest moments, God works for our good. As you may have read in last weeks SunSum, I was down and out and everything seemed off kilter. I’m thankful that I was able to get that up, because it was a great weight off my chest, and avid readers were able to read it, see what was going on, and respond in an open and honest manner. This was a really encouraging and rebuking slap in the face to me, and I have grown a heap and re-thought through my attitude to a whole bunch of things. Praise the Lord!!

On Monday I sat my Biblical Theology exam in the afternoon at Moore College. I don’t think that I went particularly well at it. Whilst I could answer the first half of the paper, which were short answer questions, I had great difficulty with the second half of the paper, which were longer essay style questions, with a bit more abstract thought involved. I’m not good at developing an argument and going on and on, rather I like to be quite succinct with my answers and being economic… I’m not sure when I get my marks back, but I have my doubts as to how I go.
After my exam, I went to find Geoff for our weekly meet-up, which of late, hasn’t been weekly. We wandered back to his place to work out what we were going to do. The plan was to head out to grab some dinner and chat. After a quick wander up King St, glancing at a number of pubs and their steak and happy hour deals, we settled on Zanzibar which had both a happy hour and a 2for1 deal on meals. I got a steak with chips and salad with a red wine jus, and Geoff went with the Paela. We had a good, but somewhat difficult chat through my frustrations from last week. It was helpful to get some of the blunt, straight up advice that Geoff is gifted in giving.

Tuesday was a fairly relaxed day, with graceat6 meeting in the morning and not too much else for the rest of the day. For dinner, I got up to Carlingford Village for a tasty meal, then in the evening when Lairdy came home we had a bit of a chat, something that we don’t regularly and often do, but something that was on his heart and mind, and something that God had put on my heart through Chris Wilson at graceat6 on Sunday. She had suggested that we, as a house/flat, get together to read the bible and pray. Because their growth group didn’t meet, we had our own little bible study, looking at Mark 7, then chatting through life and finally praying for each other. It was really good to meet around the word as flatmates, and something that we hope to do more often, as well as honestly and openly chat, rebukes and all.

Wednesday wasn’t too busy but there was some work that went on in the kitchen to install a new gas cooktop and stove. I had growth group in the evening. I considered not going, but in the end I finally did. There was a greatly reduced number of people there… I’m not sure why, but it was maybe a third of the group, despite the whole group being at church last Sunday. We looked at 1 Kings 3-4, going by Gary’s reading notes, and talked through the wisdom of Solomon.

Thursday morning was quiet again, but the day ramped up as more and more people came through to do more and more things last minute. It was good to see the amazing patience, grace and flexibility of one of our volunteer photocopy ladies in her dealings with plenty of interruptions. They are definitely characteristics that I need to learn and exhibit more of in my job. At night I got to my lectures for Moore College at St Andrew’s Cathedral School, stopping in at Workshop Espresso for a quick coffee. Our Church History class practically doubled in size, with 8 people this week. We took a look at the very early church and it’s separation from Judaism. When class finished, I ducked off to the bathrooms before my long train ride home. To my surprise, when I returned to the entrance, the doors were locked, meaning that I couldn’t get out. After a quick panic, and think, I ended up being able to squeeze my way through a gap at the top of the door and make my way out.

Friday was especially quiet, with little happening in the church all day long, meaning that I was able to get quite a bit of work done. Touch footy was enjoyable as well, despite being down on some regular players. I got across the line for a try, thanks to a handoff from Bruce. By far, the most eventful thing of the day was a trip out to Ryde Hospital’s emergency ward with Jason who had come off his motorcycle when coming out of the church carpark, fracturing his clavicle in the process. It was quite a quick process once we made it into emergency, but I was driving at about 30kph to and from the hospital in order not to cause Jason any more pain.

On Saturday I got out to the Moore College library to work on my Church History 1 assignment. My topic is Aphrahat who is a Syrian Christian writer. I managed to get a bit of work done, finding a fair number of resources, but still a little confused as to how to go about doing what we’ve been asked. After a short time back at The Flat, I ventured out again to Pablo & Rusty’s in Epping for another gig by thegatepresents; this one being more of a folktronica gig featuring Raven, Gail Preist, Part-Timer, and Ollie Bown play some deep beats, and capturing a few low-light images on my camera. It wasn’t too bad a gig, tamer than I used to and I was hoping to see more people that I knew, but alas the venue and the crowd were both small.

This morning I wasn’t able to meet up with Nick in the morning, but I did get to head to Church in the Valley to help him and a few others at their Creche/Munchkins program. The basic task being to watch the kids, playing with Lego, block and play-dough before helping them through a bible talk and related craft activity. I do enjoy such activities, and it does remind me of the days when I used to do it regularly. It’s amazing to see young kids as they develop and how much they know, understand and remember, especially of the Bible. After we finished up, Nick and I read through Acts 17 speaking of Paul and his speaking at the Areopagus.
At graceat6 tonight, Gary spoke from 1 Kings 3-4. There were plenty of short, funny anecdotes, combined with a good and faithful exegesis of the text, and application of it to our lives today. The text looks at Solomon and his asking God for wisdom in leading Israel, and showing what it’s like to live under the rule of a good and wise king. We need to embrace the wisdom that is found in the Cross of Jesus.