This week has been a bit of an unusual one… Kind of wavy to be honest with a number of highs and lows spattered throughout…

Monday night I got out to see Captain America with Geoff. It was a pretty good movie, although there were plenty of points which seemed inspired by other movies and/or characters, like The Flash, Aquaman and The Empire Strikes Back. The visual effects of the movie were really quite nice, especially Red Skull. After the movie, we dropped in to visit the Abel kids at their place. It’s interesting to hear them and the questions they ask. It really highlights how different things are overseas from here. When I got home Alex Trevena was here and we had a small catch-up chat which was good.

Tuesday night we had our AWESOME planning meeting with all the SALT leaders, plus ring ins and other people. We read through Philippians and tried to summarise it into a sentence. We came up with

Rejoice in the grace given by God through Jesus Christ, and let that shape and mould your life of Christian service.

We then split everyone up into groups to organise activities and then came back together to hear what people had come up with before praying about what we’d come up with, as well as SALT in general.

Wednesday morning seemed really busy, but as the day continued on, things started to die out, to the point of being quite a lonely day. This, combined with some discussions I had with Rose in the morning about relationships and personality types, resulted in my feeling a bit sad/unhappy/depressed and deciding not to head along to growth group.

Thursday seemed to run a bit more smoothly, and I managed to get out of work slightly early and make it in to town. Being early to class meant that I was able to chat with Andrew a bit about the direction I was taking for my assignment which is an annotated bibliography on an early Christian writer Aphrahat. He told me that I was on the right track and gave me some pointers and things to consider, which was helpful.

Friday got to be quite a frustrating day at work in the end. Towards the middle of the afternoon, the photocopier decided to break down, requiring a new cleaning web which meant that it would not do anything!! Then I found out that our industrial dishwasher had some kind of a leak because it’s not emptying properly. And finally at the end of the night we didn’t have any hot water, which was confirmed tonight, so there’s something wrong with our water heater it seems…. Touch was also less than great. I played out on the wing, as I normally do, and whilst there were some good runs and lines, the ball never, or hardly ever came out. I had one great almost try scoring run, but was touched with half a meter to go by Chris, and finally scored the last try of the game, but it was just a crappy try, with no one even near me out on the wing…

Saturday was busy busy. I got around to Alfie’s place for lunch and a catch up. It was good to chat through some stuff, and also look at their wedding album, there’s some really amazing photos in there, especially the framing of some in the church. From there I headed out to Castle Hill RSL to play some snooker with Matt, Tim and Chris. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve played on a full size table, so dusting the cobwebs off will take a while. We played a game of 2 on 2, and Tim and I came out on top with a score of -2…
Final stop for the day was at Michael & Christina Dodd’s place in Dural for dinner. It was good to see them, and baby Luke; to chat and get to know what’s been happening in their lives, and seek their wisdom on some things going on in my life.

This morning I caught up with Nic to read the bible together. It was good to get back to the cafe that we normally read at. We read through Acts 18 & 19, and then caught up and prayed.
Tonight at graceat6 Gary spoke from 1 Kings 5, 6 & 7 about the temple which Solomon built. It was a good reminder of God’s faithfulness to His promises which He made, and also the establishment of a home for Himself and His people, rather than the tent, which is a moving residence. Also it was a great reminder of the holiness of God, and that we must approach Him His way.
Gary also did a great job of tying it to Jesus as the new temple, and reminding us that we need to approach Him to really know God.
I had a few good real chats after church tonight, including one which I really valued, hope and pray that will strengthen my friendship for years to come.