This week I’ve been blessed with a quiet-ish week, which is just what I’ve needed…

On Monday morning I woke up and went about my usual routine, but as the time drew closer to heading to work, I felt worse and worse, with a migraine taking a hold of my head. I put my normal counter-measure into place: a Disprin dissolved in Coke, but alas it was soon rejected, along with a good amount of my last couple of meals, thanks to several sessions of nausea… After notifying Gary, I retreated to my bed for several hours of sleep. When the worst of it had worn off, I managed to get myself together enough to drop in to work and organise the cheque run and banking, before dropping through at the bank and post office box at Carlingford Court and then Carlingford Village for some much needed food, in the form of chicken congee. Upon returning home and eating, I headed back to bed to continue my recovery.

When I awoke on Tuesday morning, I could still feel some echoes of my migraine, but was still able to make it along to work. The days events were fairly quiet, which were well suited to how I was feeling. In the evening, I headed back home to my folks place to dine with them and my sister.

Wednesday morning was a little busier at work with the women of St Paul’s converging for Connect, but by the afternoon there was little action, meaning that I could put in a bit of work on Church Community Builder; a little project we’re implementing for the group of churches. In the evening I ventured off to growth group, where we almost had a full complement. We looked at 1 Kings 9 & 10, where the Queen of Sheba visits Solomon, commending him on all his achievements. As our group looked at it though, I noticed the way in which they all seemed to write Solomon off as a bad king, because he disobeyed the directives of the covenant in Deuteronomy 14, but if we really look at Solomon then we should see how great his achievements were; a true blessing from God. It is rather odd, but as I see how my group looks at the bible, I continue to think about how I would lead a group, and the various ways and things I would do differently… It continues to push me into the possibility of leading a group of my own.

On Thursday night, we didn’t have college because of the Moore College Annual Lectures, so instead I had Steve, Nicky and Sophie around for dinner and a movie: TRON: Legacy. I cooked up a prawn and pea risotto, which turned out well, despite a little burning of things.

Friday was also relaxed, giving me opportunity to keep working away on projects. I also put a bit of work into a number of the churches websites; updating sermons on the main, graceat6 and saltyouth sites, as well as publishing a few more photos from this term on the saltyouth site. Touch in the evening was a small and muddy affair, with 6 on 7, but it was still really enjoyable. I managed to cop a shoulder to my jaw, which is still not feeling right. SALT was enjoyable as well. It was Parents Night where parents were invited to come along and see what happens, throw in the mix that Pip and Mike ran the night, as part of work experience, and how can you go wrong?? I think the deliberate nature of how things were run, and the amount of thought and preparation that went into it were a great encouragement and challenge to the leaders for when they run SALT.

Saturday morning was meant to be a really productive time for me to work on my Church History assignment, but I ended up procrastinating the time away… The afternoon/evening was blocked out for a gaming time with Jason and Tim and a bunch of guys from church. We managed to get a grand total of 5 Xboxes with as many displays going in our lounge room. It took a fair amount to time to get it all up and running with numerous firmware and game updates, but we got there and hammered out a good 4 or 5 hours of Gears of War 2 action out.

This morning when I caught up with Nic we read through Acts 20, which was a great reminder and rebuke towards my attitude of service. Verse 35 says In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”. I continue to think that by doing things for people, that I am doing them a huge service and that they should be super grateful to me, but I fail to remember the enormous shadow (of Christ) that I stand in, so large that no matter how much I do for others, I will never even come close to measuring up. I was also able to impart some of my knowledge and wisdom onto Nic about saying “No!” to things… I think that Christians, especially, have a tendency to think that saying no to things makes them negative, and that is a bad thing. However, it is actually something that is realistic. We can’t always say yes to everything, as much as we’d like to try… We also need to weigh up the time that we spend, and how that affects people. By saying no to some people, although we may hurt them in the short-term, we can be loving them, and others, in a longer term view.
Tonight at graceat6 was an evangelistic service with Craig Schafer speaking on the controversial topic of “Christianity can’t be true because Christians hate gay people“. Craig pointed out some really simple truths that we tend to forget: Jesus had a reputation of associating with the socially unaccepted, and He saw, and sees, everybody as a sinner, needing to turn their lives around from the direction that they’re going to follow in His direction, as outlined in the bible. I think for me, there were a couple of messages that came out tonight:

  1. His (Jesus) grace is sufficient for His followers
  2. For those that aren’t bound by marriage, in a one flesh relationship, we are called to be chaste


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