This week has been fairly quiet due to Oxygen taking out the ministers for half the week. It did ramp up by the weekend, reminding me of the days when weekends were super busy and the work week was just ‘the grind‘.

Monday was office moving day. About mid morning when we’d settled a little into the day, Heather and I cleared our desks in preparation for the move. We got Tim and Jason to come in to do the heavy lifting, switching a couple of desks around, moving a bookshelf in and moving a couple of cabinets around. Just before lunch, some of our new chairs arrived, so they got to building those as well for us. Since we’ve finished the move, we’ve been enjoying the surprised looks that greet us as people walk in the door. The other game to play is to see how many times someone can make it in without realising it’s changed… I think 2 is the highest count I’ve got so far…
After work on Monday night, I didn’t get the chance to catch-up with Geoff because I had to work on my assignment for Church History. It was an annotated bibliography on the fourth century Syriac author by the name of Aphrahat. I worked throughout the night and put it in at about 11:52pm on the night, not completely finished, but I was fairly satisfied with it.

Tuesday was quiet again and a good opportunity to continue to reconfigure the office. For dinner I got some bolognaise in; reheated in a pit rather than in the microwave, making it extra hot and extra tasty!!

Wednesday started to get a bit busier again as Oxygen finished off and ministers started, slowly, to surface. In the afternoon I helped move a desk back to Bruce’s place before growth group. We looked at 1 Kings 11 about Solomon’s sin.

Thursday at Moore Theological College we looked at Constantine; the emperor of Rome, as well as the Council of Nicea and Athanasius. It was both a confusing and informative evening.

Friday night at touch I found it frustrating, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one… I played on the wing with plenty of opportunity, except that the ball hardly ever came over to us. SALT was pretty enjoyable, though there were plenty of problems on the tech desk as someone had muddled around with many of the connections and not replaced them as they are supposed to be. This tested my patience and stress as some of the leading leaders hassled me to get things going. I worked it out in the end and managed to stay fairly calm too!!

Saturday was a really relaxing day!! In the morning whilst I was mucking around with my newly reinstalled hackintosh, Jase asked me about driving him to Epping so that he could catch a bus out to a wedding in Wahroonga. I 1Up’d him and drove him out to the wedding instead, seeing as the weather was so nice, I felt like the drive would be good. Along the way we chatted about Engage and other stuff, like this blog and the way I write it. He told me that it was encouraging to see how I am not ok with the way some things happen to be and speak out about them, even though he thinks that I should be just positive about everything. That was good to hear, and I don’t want to take it as an excuse to just complain and write off everything that doesn’t go my way, rather I want to use it kind of as a platform to instigate some kind of change in people and the way they do things, or the way things are done…
After dropping Jase off, I headed back to my folks place to see them; something I haven’t done in a fair while. I got to have lunch with them which was good. At night I headed out to the city; another thing I’ve not done for a while. The destination was Chinese Laundry for one of my heroes; Nick Warren who played a four hour set to promote the release of his Balance 018 mix cd. On my way in, I got in contact with Ed who subsequently made his way in and joined me for at least 2 of the 4 hours in there. Nick played a corker of a set!! It was a typical set combining melodious tunes with darker thumping ones, all with a rolling baseline underneath. The last hour saw Nick pulling out a number of classic tracks; either in their original form or some cheeky rework, including Sasha & Emerson’s Scorchio, New Order’s Blue Monday (Extended Version), and Underworld’s Dark & Long (Dark Train) (Christian Smith Remix). I saw this beautiful girl out as well; amazing eyes, lovely brown hair and not overly dressed up. Have no idea who she is, and she didn’t stick around for long, but she did leave an impression.

This morning was fairly quiet. I slept until mid morning and then organised myself to go back to my folks again for Father’s day Lunch. Mum made a Chinese version of Paella which was tres tasty! After lunch, I ducked back in at church to take a look at the projectors, one of which had a globe blow in the 9am service. By the time I’d arrived, it had already been replaced, so I spent my time organising powerpoint slides and words for the service before picking up the Abels to come along to graceat6. The service tonight wasn’t too bad. Gary preached from 1 Kings 11. He spoke on the leadership of Solomon, how he was a great king and leader, but he failed to live life according to God‘s plans, thinking that he knew better than God and that God didn’t have his best interests at heart. As a result Solomon led Israel astray and made God angry. In response, we need to recognise what a true leader is and does: someone who understands and remembers that they are to follow Christ, submitting and fearing Him.
After graceat6 I got to chat through a number of things with Manny, mainly from Engage. It was good to have an open, honest chat, and to pray together as growing brothers in Christ, especially since we’re both those who will potentially lead soon, if not already now.
A bunch of us ended up at Insomnia afterwards as well for some fellowship. It wasn’t too bad, but sometimes I feel like groups of people fail to take advantage to branch out and stick with their own, even though the opportunities are right there. It’s not a bad thing, but it would be nicer if they made the effort, especially with new, or unfamiliar people.

Tomorrow sees me heading along to senior staff conference, which should be interesting!!