Well this week has been a mysterious roller-coaster ride for me, that’s about the best I can describe it… One minute I’m up and enjoying life, and the next I’m overwhelmed and about ready to shed tears, or break things. The strange thing is that I’m not really sure why all of this is… I don’t think I used to be this way, or maybe it was such a torment on my life that I’ve blocked it out of my senses. Either way, I need to remember that sin is always crouching at my back, it’s desire being to rule over me, but Jesus has conquered sin and death!!!

On Monday at staff meeting and prayers, we had Michael and Nargis come and speak to us about their work. It was really quite interesting to hear about how things work overseas, especially in relation to countries which are closed to the good news, and what is happening in preparation for their opening. After work I ducked out to Newtown to see Geoff and Tiff for our weekly catch-up. Geoff cooked up a nice spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, complete with a few chilli’s to really spice things up, whilst Tiff had some vege wraps. After a bit of banter, Geoff and I retreated to the front sitting room to chat, wrestle through Galatians 2:1-10, and pray. It was good, but confusing….

Tuesday was a fairly quiet day at work as all the ministers had (yet another) training/conference day… After work, I ducked up to Coles for a bit of grocery shopping, before coming home and then ducking out for a run around a couple of blocks, totalling 4.45km in 23 minutes. A bit slow for my liking, but I’m sure I can improve on it, gradually…. After that effort, I needed to replenish my energy, so I cooked up a nice big batch (enough for me AND the freezer!!) of pasta carbonara, finishing just as the growth group that meets in The Flat was kicking off, so I retreated to my room to fiddle with videos and photos..

On Wednesday at work, I decided to wipe and reinstall a couple of computers that weren’t in the best working condition. It’s a tedious task, but something that needed to be done. I’ll be interested to see how it’s all received, and what complaints I might receive… I finished work a little late, which wasn’t too good as I had plans to bake a cake for growth group supper. When I got home, I rushed around the kitchen to pull this cake together, managing to bung it in the oven to cook within the deadline of leaving for growth group. Sad to say that when the required cooking time came, the skewer was still dirty, and not the pristine, cakeless state that it needed to be in, so another little while in the oven, making me slightly late to growth group. When the skewer finally came out clean as a whistle, I threw the cake, tin and all onto a chopping board and raced over to growth group, with my cream cheese icing in a plastic container, ready to spread onto the cake after it had cooled a bit. The spreading was a little premature, because it tended to melt and dribble down the sides… It was a mammoth cake night at group though, because we celebrated Angela, Sophie and Neil’s birthdays, meaning 3 cakes!!! I did get some complements on the warmth of my cake. We looked at 1 Kings 12 and the rivalry of Rehoboam and Jeroboam.

Thursday night was spent stressing and messing with AWESOME photos, videos and powerpoint bits and pieces. It was less productive than I would have liked…

Friday was a rough rough day. Things just didn’t seem to go right at all…. and I felt like I wanted to be an Ostrich. Computer formats and reinstallations just weren’t going well, the photocopier had pretty much died and the servicing wasn’t able to be done without ordering extra parts, and some organisational issues with AWESOME attendance was weighing heavily on my mind. As the working day started to draw to a close, I was super keen for exercise in the form of touch, but the reality of the game that I experienced was but a mere shadow… The teams were a little unbalanced. I managed to roll my ankle somewhere during the game, which didn’t really show until I got home after SALT, and I scored one of the most uncelebrated tries I’ve seen since I started playing, when I caught the ball and put it down after a kick on the 5th being juggled in the air over the line by about 3 players, before catching it and putting it down.
At the last SALT for the term, everyone was revved up for AWESOME. Mike gave a talk on Psalm 79 which was much needed for me on my tough day. It is a psalm of Asaph, who tells God how bad things are, how angry he is at Him, and yet Asaph asks God to act so that He may be glorified.

Saturday was work day!! I spent the morning working on a couple of AWESOME videos, just preparatory work; viewing and marking up footage to be cut and edited, and playing around with some color grading and effects. I had to turn down time to hang out with Tim and Jason though, which I didn’t want to do, but I think was a little necessary… In the afternoon, I want to celebrate the 20th birthdays of Nicky and Kahlara with a backyard picnic. It was good times with an intimate crowd, plenty of delicious food and some awkward gender segregation. At night I had The Flat to myself, so I knuckled down and churned out a couple of videos to 80% completion.

Most of today was spent capping off that 20% on videos, before graceat6 work. Going in to graceat6 I was still muddle headed and whelmed, catching a good distraction in speaking to Rose. For dinner tonight, Nargis, along with Elishba, Tim and Jason, cooked up a delicious curry. It was a mild one for them, but I think the majority of graceat6 weren’t particularly able to handle it well. It was good to see so many extra/new people come along, and dine with us, though I think the cooking had a big part to play!! Gary finished his series on 1 Kings with the legacy of Solomon which is not a great one. It was a really good sermon!! It showed the human problem of sin, that which is rooted in Adam and experienced by all mankind, whether great or not. And it showed that Jesus and His ‘legacy‘ (though He is alive and seated at the right hand of God) can free us from sin. It was food for thought as to the legacy that each one of us build within our lives, day by day.
After the service ended, I got to chat away to a few people; they made me continue to realise the amount of clout that I actually have in the things that I say, do and type/post. So many times I tend to look forward, without seeing what is around me, I have my blinkers on, looking to serve myself and my purposes, when really I need to be looking left and right to my siblings in Christ who are walking with me in this race, and doing good for them and by them that they will finish the race along side me and be jewels in my crown of victory, and all this by the strength and guidance, and to the glory of God. This was reinforced all the more as I chatted with several younger Churchies at Insomnia and then with Matt Dodd as I helped him out with some computer data recovery.

To those that I have neglected or upset this week, please forgive me for my sins and wrongdoings. To those who have chatted with me, prayed for me, encouraged me; thank you!! Your support is invaluable.

The week ahead is looking like a tough one again, but one that I pray has lasting effects. I pray that it is one of service in my preparation for AWESOME, along with my normal activities. For those of you who wish to support me in prayer, here are some points:

  • Pray for patience, grace and humility in my interactions with people
  • Pray for good balance between office work and AWESOME work
  • Pray for energy, servant-heartedness, and patience at AWESOME