This week has been quite a restful week, however the weekend has ramped up to be quite a busy and stressful one.

Tuesday back at work started with some damage control; the server needed rebooting because we lost power somewhere through the weekend, and also some reconciliation to sort out the computing problems of last week. That’s all sorted now, so I’m hoping that’s all sorted now.
In the evening I dropped home to the folks place to do some washing and having dinner with the family as well.

Wednesday was fairly quiet, then in the evening I just settled down with some Gears of War 3.

Thursday again was quiet, even more so than the previous couple of days. In the evening I headed to the city for college, stopping in at Workshop Espresso for a coffee. We learnt about Ambrose of Milan, Emperor Theodosius I, Ascetisism and John Chrysostom. I also worked out (asked) how to get my mark back for my annotated bibliography assignment on Aphrahat, turns out that I managed a distinction for it, which is higher than expected!!

Friday felt really really slow. Touch in the afternoon saw many many tries scored, by both teams. After going home for a shower, I headed out to the 3 Weeds in Rozelle for Chris’ 21st celebrations. It was a pretty fun night, chatting to a number of people.

Saturday was a pretty quiet day with the guys away from the flat for a beach mission meeting. I spent most of the day editing photos from Awesome with a Gears of War 3 break in the middle as well. In the evening I got along to Nath’s 21st, taking my camera with me to work on my night-time photography skills. During the speeches, I got a phone-call from our work security monitoring centre, with a follow-up telling me that there had been a break-n-enter at work. So I spent from 11pm till about 12:30am waiting around at Church with the security guards and police to gather information and look for culprits.

This morning I was dealing with much of the aftermath of the break-n-enter, directing people away from the area & working a little with the fingerprint guys. There’ll be more follow-up tomorrow though, which I’m dreading a little. I also got to sit down with Nic and read the bible at The Red Heart Cafe in West Pennant Hills. It was a good read through Acts 21 & 22 and pray together. We even got to talk to the barista Thomas a little. Tonight at graceat6 we had Dave Morgan speak to us about the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand for the sermon, basing it around 1 Peter 1:3-9. To be honest I wasn’t a great fan of it. The meat of the talk was what happened in the earthquakes, which is an important thing, but I think it would have been more worthwhile getting into the bible more…
After graceat6 it was time for some dinner; most people had organised to head off to Wild Cactus in Pennant Hills, but word got out that it was full to the brim, so some people alternated to Belmontes. I wasn’t too keen on heading all that way and spending a huge amount of money, so I ended up just coming back to The Flat and cooking some dinner, with Nicky. We ended up eating chicken & sweet corn soup with some dinner rolls and watching an episode of the defunct series Kings.