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So I’ve been writing this blog for a good 5+ years now, and over that time I’ve had an average following.. However I never actually know who is reading, so I’m interested in finding out who reads this thing… This requires a response from all of you folk who are, you know, reading this….

If I could ask that you click on the yellow speech bubble in the right hand corner of this and enter some information in the comment box down the bottom, or if you’re reading this on Facebook, to just comment. I’m keen to know your name, or alias, at least, and perhaps what you enjoy, don’t enjoy about reading this and maybe some suggestions on what you’d like to see.


A son of God & a son of Man, minister of the gospel.
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3 replies on “Readers Response”

The Head of the S Club is reading :) but you knew this :P
I enjoy the honesty and being able to see that the Christian life isn’t always easy, but that you lean on God and through your blog encourage others to do the same. Keep it up Sam :) I thank God for you

I’ve been reading Sunday Summary for quite awhile but haven’t got back here since Awesome weekend and our holiday but I will begin to read again. I enjoy reading about your week and your take on the sermon at graceat6. It also gives me prayer points to pray for you. Lesley.

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