So this week has been fairly quiet, I’m not too sure why that is though…

Monday night Geoff came over for dinner and a catch up. I made a huge batch of bolognaise to dine on and also for freezer meals for the week. We watched a couple of episodes of Family Guy and got to chat and catch up since we hadn’t really done so for about a month or so…

Tuesday night I headed home for dinner with my family, another group of people I hadn’t seen for a fair while. It was good to catch up and find out what they were doing. There were plenty of laughs, and lots of delicious foods too.

Wednesday night was growth group. We started a new series; Where To Lord?, a topical on guidance starting a dvd & book by Matthias Media. I’m not a fan of systematic studies, focusing on a number of verses in a chapter, and generally without the context. The main message of the night was that God is in control of all things, all decisions whether small or great.

Thursday night was college. After a quick power nap on the train and a coffee from workshop espresso it was off to the second last Early Church History lectures for the semester, this week looking at Augustine of Hippo.

Friday had plenty of bits and pieces to do, so the day seemed to go by fairly quickly. Touch was pretty fun, we had a bunch of non-regulars come along, including a few local guys as well as the Sutton sisters. I managed to put down 3 tries, all off of Bruce’s passes out on the wing.
SALT was pretty good as well. Russell spoke from Exodus 3 & 4 on the God who is Known.

Again Saturday was a relaxed day. Most of my morning was spent watching tv and doing odd little jobs on the computer. Jason came back from Church and we played some Gears of War 3 Beast mode with Nic Trevena and Lairdy. Around about 4pm, we took a break and organised our nights respectively, which actually ended up in more Gears, with a Kings school mate of Jase’s: Joe coming around, as well as Nicky, who was here to watch Kings, but ended up joining us for some Gears before getting a couple of episodes of Kings in as well.

This morning I got out to coffee and bible with Nic, making our way through Acts 24 & 25 through Paul’s trials before the Romans. After that I got along to Church in the Valley; a church plant from St Paul’s and stayed for their one year anniversary. After the service, I joined in a lunch that they had, before coming back home to try and do some tidying up. I got a bit distracted by movies and all things Blizzard during that time.
Tonight at graceat6 we heard Mike speak some more on worship, this week from Romans 12 & 13 and the nature of Christian Worship. From these chapters in the bible, Mike pointed out that

Worship requires a remembrance of God’s mercy, an offering of my body to God and obedience to God in all parts of life

. That’s not an easy thing to do, especially in this world, this day and age, when everything and everyone wants to pull you in a different direction. We need to be reminded of God’s Word: the Bible, and as one rapper puts in a chorus “You Need It Daily!!”.
We also need to think about it, using our minds, something contrary to the movement of the world as well, which is moving to a more experientialist movement, basing things on feelings. Worship also needs to permeate to all areas of our lives.

Post graceat6 I wandered home and continued to do a bit of tidying, before sitting down with Jase to play some Gears of War 3 Co-Op Hardcore Campaign.

I’m not sure what this week brings… I suspect that it will be still fairly relaxed, though there are a few things in the pipeline that shall soon be shot out, and that will be both exciting, and require an amount of work to be done.