In the last week and a half I’ve purchased a few albums, mostly along the same vein, but all are exciting my aural senses!!

First purchase was Kitsuné Tabloid mixed by The Twelves which included individual tracks along side the 2 mixes, though I’m pretty sure that they’re just the tracks split from the mix, and not the full length singles, unfortunately.

Second purchase was In Flight Entertainment mixed by Aeroplane. This mix is absolutely stellar!!!! I can’t fault this nu-disco mix, the individual tracks come as singles with the mix, and each adds an element to mix overall. For a taste of the mix, check out this mini-mix that Vito put together on SoundCloud

Latest purchase was Justice‘s new album Audio, Video, Disco which I’m working my way through at the moment. It’s less electronic than their previous endeavours, and that’s putting a slight dampener on my experience, but some tracks still ring true of their previous work.

Of course I’ll attempt to get some album reviews of these up sometime soon as well, so keep an eye peeled for those…