Well this week has been a struggle with plenty of work to be done, and a few social downers as well.

Most of Monday just didn’t seem to play in my favour; so much so that in the mid-afternoon, I decided to call it quits for the day and head home from work. I guess there wasn’t anything specific that led me to this point, rather it was just a continual build up of requests to do this and that, asking for it to be done there and then, coupled with some (unintentional) exclusion, and lack of social niceties. I just felt alone in the crowd of people that are around at work, and that was just not nice.
I ended up just going home and hanging out by myself, ironically, taking in some Gears of War 3.
In the evening I headed out to see Geoff & Tiff in Newtown. We had burgers for dinner before Geoff and I retired to the sitting room to wrestle through some bible, opting for Galatians 2:11-21 and trying to figure out what Paul is saying to Peter and how that works out in our lives today. We came to the conclusion that dipping back into our old way of life was no good, and that we should be giving our lives wholeheartedly and fully over to God. We also played some Super Mario Brothers Wii.

On Tuesday morning I was still feeling a little bit crap, but I had to get over myself and get work things going with the big announcement coming up on Sunday. In the evening I did some home administrative stuff, sorting out paperwork and watching some TV.

Wednesday was spent playing with a new church database we’re implementing, figuring out how to send out an announcement to our church members with it, and refining the announcement presentation. In the evening at Growth Group we continued on our topical study on guidance with Matthias Media‘s Where To Lord?, this week looking at the right and wrong responses to God‘s guidance. Our right response is to faithfully believe and to repent.

On Thursday we put out the first announcement of our name change from St Paul’s Group of Churches to CrossWay Anglican Churches via email. It was pretty exciting to get that out finally.
In the evening, I headed in to college for the final lecture of this semester, stopping in at Workshop Espresso for the regular coffee. We learnt about the Council of Chalcedon, where the early church came together in AD451 to discuss the Christology of Jesus, defining what Jesus is not in the hope to clarify who & what He is.

Friday morning seemed really bad, and an echo of Monday. Even before I got into work and put my bags down, I was asked to do things, without the social niceties of “hello, how are you going?”. This seemed to put a big dampener on the day, which eventually got better, thanks to the listening ears and physical presence of good friends…
By the afternoon, things were looking up, and by the time touch got going, things were alright. I scored one great try, with a second contended one. The first try came from a lofted ball over the defender, which I managed to catch, one-handed, in my right hand and run it over the line. The contested try was called as a forward pass.
At SALT we had an evangelistic night, with 3 different speakers. It was really encouraging to see how many new kids came along for the night; possibly over 24, bringing the total to over 200!!! Thank God for the way in which He continues to grow our youth group in both size and maturity, granting them boldness to keep inviting their peers along. The talk which I heard was given by one of our youth; Pip from Psalm 51. It was really a great talk, really worth listening to, so if you go to saltyouth.com, then you can stream the talk.

Yesterday was a fairly quiet morning, before heading out to have lunch with my folks in Thornleigh. We had crab meat congee and chicken fried noodles, followed by custard buns, a very filling meal!! In the afternoon I got along to play some football with Jason, Nathan, Sam, SNixey, Chris, Kivell and Joe. It was quite a tiring exercise, but still enjoyable. Last night Jason, Joe and I played some Gears of War 3.

This morning Nic and I finished off reading Acts in our one-to-ones at The Red Heart Cafe. This evening at graceat6 Mike preached through a largish chunk of Hebrews from chapters 7-10, focussing on worship, and how Jesus‘ worship changes everything in His perfect worship. We in turn need to draw near to God through Jesus., holding onto Him without wavering, mutually ministering to each other, serving each other and working hard at putting sin to death.
Just before the talk, Mike showed this video which parodies production and singing in church:

After the talk, and throughout the remainder of the service, people up front seemed to make plenty of reference to the video, but sadly nothing particularly serious or referencing the talk, which is something I’d prefer to have been hearing.
After church I came back to the flat to play some more Gears of War 3 with Jason, Jack and Maginnis.

This week, I’m not too sure what’s in store for me. I’m envisioning plenty of things to do with CrossWay to be done, as well as residual break-in bits and pieces, coupled with Church History study…



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