Well this week has been pretty good, though I’ve not been doing as as much as I should be doing.

Monday evening Jase sat down and read Hebrews 7-10 to reflect on Mike’s talk at graceat6. Lairdy joined us upon his return home as well. It was really good chat, working our way through the verses in a bit more detail, as Mike wasn’t able to focus in on a bunch of the verses in the time he had. It was good to see the roots of the hard work that Mike had put in to understand and then explain the chapters.

Wednesday evening at Growth Group we continued in our topical studies on guidance. This week was on the word of God. We had some good discussion, and it was refreshing to actually go off topic for once, as much I am normally opposed to it.

Thursday night I took some more time to relax after a busy few days at work in the normal style – Gears of War 3, but I really should have been studying…

Friday was relaxing for the most part. Touch was looking doubtful because Harold West Reserve was fenced off for some improvements – drainage. So after work, I ducked back home, only to be rung by Bruce, who was still on holidays, to ask me about touch, and let me know about the alternate arrangements to play at our old haunt: Kingsdene. We had a game of 5 on 5, which was really a lot of work, but I managed to get a couple of tries in anyway.

Saturday I had planned to do some study, but just couldn’t commit to getting down and doing it. I played some Gears of War 3 again, and then after some lunch and attempted study, I headed off to play some soccer with a few guys from church. In the evening I headed out to The Metro to see New Zealand’s Shapeshifter. For those that haven’t heard/read my posts about Shapeshifter, they are a group of 5, with 4 of them being classically trained at the conservatorium in New Zealand. They played a really strong set of about 15 tracks, mostly older tracks, some of them remixed, plus a couple of new tracks, which are a fair bit more guitar heavy and less preferential to my taste

Today with an early wake up, I got some food in before making my way down to Sydney Olympic Park for the Rebel Sport Run4Fun; a 10km fun run around the park, finishing up in ANZ Stadium. There were about 8,000 participants in the run this morning, and it was a scorcher… I finished the race in about 55 minutes; a bit slower than I would have liked. I was feeling good for the first half, but as distance increased, so did my pain and fatigue, causing me to slow down. After finishing the race, I downed a whole bunch of water, almost passing out from dehydration when falling asleep, but managed to gather myself and keep it together. In the afternoon I showered, ate, relaxed in front of the tv, almost falling asleep, and played some Gears of War 3 with Jase, Sam and Jack.
At graceat6 Mike preached through worship with some input from Ephesians 4:1-16, but drawing together most of the ideas from the past 3 talks as well. The simple summary was that

We worship God in Christ alone through faith alone

Practically it means that we need to be in Christ – through and in the Word of God, we need to be loving and serving people, relating to them, teaching the Word to them. Amongst all of this, we need to be praising God and praying as well.
We had a second week of announcements regarding CrossWay. It’s been interesting to see and hear the reactions to the name change. One of the most interesting confusions seem to be people’s need to pluralise it, saying CrossWays. I don’t understand the confusion though, as it is purely biblical in that there is only ONE way to salvation.

This week I really need to knuckle down on my study for Church History on Thursday night. I also have the Anglican IT forum happening on Wednesday.