So this week has been a fairly fun week.

On Monday evening I headed out to the movies with Geoff. We went to see Moneyball; a true story about the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane draft of his team based purely based on statistics and computer calculations. Brad Pitt played Billy and was really good. In a way, the movie mirrors a Christian persons journey into faith in that they do something that is totally outrageous and against the popular opinion, and it’s difficult at the start to gain momentum; people are opposed to it, but as you persist, you start to succeed and things get better. There are still some difficult situations and disappointments though. I’d recommend seeing it if you get the opportunity.

On Tuesday after work, I headed home and did some bits and pieces before making dinner (bolognaise & rice) just in time to retreat to my room during Steph & Lairdy’s growth group. After watching some tv and some work, Jase came in and we played some Gears

Wednesday I took the day off of work to hang out with some of the guys from church, and play some Gears. We worked through some of the campaign in arcade mode, making it through roughly 3 of 5 chapters. I ducked out in the afternoon and visited the shops to pick up some foods for our growth group’s end of year Christmas bash before heading back to The Flat for some more gears, this time with a changeover in persons. At growth group, we played a bit of backyard cricket whilst the meat was cooking. After tucking in to some delicious foods, we had a time of sharing what we’d enjoyed and how we’d grown this year. It was really great to hear the response of the group. We ended the night in prayer, and it was good of the ladies to let the guys volunteer before they jumped in.

Thursday afternoon I discovered some ‘new’ music in La Zebra; a guy from Southern California who plays some nicely funked up disco, with plenty of real instruments, like trombone and sax. I’d recommend having a listen. In the evening I headed back to my folks place for dinner with them and my sister & brother in law. There were plenty of tasty foods to be had and it was good to catch up with them, since it had been over a month since I’d seen my sister and brother in law.

Friday went a lot quicker than I wanted it to. There was plenty of work to be done, and I ran out of time to do everything I was hoping to do. Touch was quite enjoyable. We were back at Harold West Reserve, so that brought back a heap of the SALT guys to the field. I managed to score a few tries and set-up almost a good double, in the same manner. I started out on the left wing and made my way across the field, escaping the touch of all the players on the field, and putting a pass out just in front of Jase. SALT was an enjoyable evening; Russell gave his final talk in his series from Exodus 34-40 on the forgiveness of God.

Saturday was really quiet. I spent the day organising computer files and playing Gears.

This morning I met up with Nic to read the bible. We read Hebrews 2:5-18 which speaks of Jesus Christ and His suffering that we may be saved, and how we are brothers (and sisters) with Him. I enjoyed working through passage immensely!! Throughout the rest of the day I mainly spent my time working through some music admin – sorting out my iTunes library with some of the radio shows that haven’t been renamed and tagged properly. graceat6 tonight was pretty good too. James Moore gave us his farewell sermon from 2 Timothy 3:16,17 speaking to us about the Bible: How it is God breathed, therefore it is of tremendous importance in the relationship that we have with God, and important for teaching, reproof/rebuke, correction and training in righteousness. There were plenty of implications to take away:

    That we:

  • teach and be taught the bible
  • rebuke those wandering from the truth, lovingly, gently and from the bible (without gossiping or doing so publicly)
  • correct biblical things learnt wrong
  • train in righteousness
  • will face suffering and persecution, so we must expect and be prepared for them
  • know the truth, that we may not be deceived
  • teach the truths of the bible to children, and place a greater emphasis on it

We also had our parish council elections tonight. There were three strong candidates, all of whom I think would do well to be on council and to learn how the church works: Jack, Steve and Lairdy. I was a seconder for Jack and so I even went to the lengths of making a limited run of stickers

Vote 1 Jack D

After graceat6 there were a whole bunch of people that ended up at The Flat for some fellowship over games (Fruit Ninja, Gears & Five Hundred).